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Some places are more wheelchair accessible than others. Explore destinations from all over the world and find out about access. Browse here and the Travel Tips and News. Or get right to it by using the search bar or map on the homepage. 
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24-Hours on Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui – Isla de Pascua) has been on my wish list since I heard of it. I never thought I would have the chance to go to Easter Island and see the heads (Moai). We happened to find ourselves in...

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Travelling on Trains in Japan 2019

As previously shared by Ashley in this article, Japan has a great train system that allows you to travel throughout the country with a wheelchair. Since the article was written, in recent years, there have been...

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Getting around Paris with a Wheelchair

When planning my mum's (Barbie) visit to Paris, France, what worried me the most was how we were going to get around since she has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair. Yes, there are taxis and Uber is...

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Tokyo, Japan Accessible Taxis

With the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics and the aging population, accessibility has become much more of a hot topic in Tokyo, Japan in recent years for foreign visitors and people with disabilities. The government...

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Stay and Explore in Ghana, West Africa

Come to Ghana, West Africa if you are confident and adventurous! Ghana is a very welcoming and accepting culture, and the people at the apartments of Legassi Gardens want to share their country with you. If traveling with a wheelchair, visitors with a light-weight...

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Carlisle, Cumbria, England: Getting Around

When getting around Carlisle, Cumbria, it depends what you want to do and where you want to go. The most popular area to wheel or stroll around at is the City Centre; it's a destination in itself, but also the starting point for going elsewhere using different public...

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Accessible Tours in Italy

Accessible Tours throughout Italy TUSCANY TOUR Tuscany is an enchanting place, especially wrapped in autumn colors, when the countryside is covered with mist and traditional festivals allow us to taste the delicacies that this fertile land has to offer. Obviously...

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Barwon Heads, Australia (Home-for-Rent)

It’s most likely your two main priorities when choosing an accessible holiday will be finding the right accommodation and being able to independently explore the area. Accessible Accommodation is a luxury property for rent in the centre of Barwon Heads, Australia, an...

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New York City on a Budget

Manhattan can be a very expensive place to visit, but there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost and still have a great time. The best way to enjoy yourself is to be flexible.  LodgingEven less expensive hotels can break a lot of budgets.  After determining that a...

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Havana, Cuba Travel Adventure

While there are still restrictions to go anywhere in Cuba, even Havana, it is easier to get there than it has been in the past.  Several cruise lines go there from Miami and other ports, and you can also fly...

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Toilets & Changing Areas: Carlisle, Cumbria England

Most accessible coffee shops and chain pubs, like Weatherspoons, Walkabout, Nando’s, Costas, Nero & Pizza Express also have accessible toilets. However, if you are searching for an accessible toilet whilst exploring the town centre then there are also accessible...

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Nepal: Dream Destination for Travelers

Nepal and the magnificent Himalayas of our country is considered one of the best destinations to travel on Earth. Living in the country of Everest makes us the proud dweller of not just mighty Everest but every glory adhered to it. Traveller's around the world dream...

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Local Paris Experiences & Places

Paris, France  is a wonderful city to visit in every season. If you don’t mind the crowds and heat, then sure, go in summer. However, for people using a wheelchair, summer if often a bit stressful when in a...

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Attractions in Carlisle, Cumbria, England

Carlisle is the only city in Cumbria, the most North Westerly County in England. It is a small city, but with plenty of history and attractions due to its location; less than 10 miles from the Scottish border...

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Top 15 Accessible Places in Italy

SOUTH TYROL  Accessible routes under the Dolomites  A number of routes have been freed of all barriers to allow everyone to enjoy the extraordinary Dolomite landscape. Everyone, whatever their degree of mobility is, will have the...

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Bali Beach Wheelchairs for Rent

Taking a vacation or holiday to Bali or some other nearby island? Bali Beach Wheels are sole distributors of this special wheelchair in Indonesia that can take you on the beach and elsewhere. We have a full...

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Accessible Italy? Yes we can!

Italy is famous to be an ancient and rich country, full of history and masterpieces of art. But have you ever wondered how difficult is rolling on cobblestones dated back to 13th century? Or be sure that this amazing room in an old Renaissance Palace is 100%...

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Sedona, Arizona: Wheelchair Travel Tips

What brings people to Sedona, Arizona in the Southwest of the United States are the majestic Red Rocks that surrounds this area. To the Native Americans the Red Rock is sacred and continues to draw people like a...

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