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Accessible and Affordable Family Fun in Florida

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak in Jupiter, FL. I was very excited as it was in February and as we all know, it had been a cold winter! Florida in February sounded wonderful to me! The organization I spoke for told me to bring my family and they would put us...

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Unexpected Thrills of Ecuador Travel

It was our first day out Quito and into real Ecuador. We were staying at an accessible hostel on a hillside overlooking the vibrant town of Baños de Agua Santa called Las Granadillas. The town’s name comes from...

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Hanauma Bay Beach Park, Hawaii Accessibility

Hanauma Bay itself is a dormant cone volcano crater that long ago, a portion of which the outer edge collapsed and fell into the ocean, thus forming today, what we know as Hanauma Bay, with a beautiful crescent beach on it's shore side. Today it is one of the star...

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Israel Travel: Attractions, Tours and Transportation

Millions of tourists visit Israel these days and among them there are a lot of people with limited mobility. The popularity of traveling to Israel has encouraged more and more accessible improvements. Government has worked particularity hard to improve access to...

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Ideas for Travel in Ireland with a Wheelchair

Cead mile failte (a hundred thousand welcomes) from Ireland, a great destination with plenty to see and do for a wheelchair traveller. Ireland has come on a lot in regards to accessibility in recent years and hoping I can shed some light on the main attractions and a...

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Prague: Visiting & Touring

Bezbatour is the only travel agency in the Czech Republic focused on accessible traveling. We offer our services to everybody including wheelchair users, families with children, seniors or people with diets....

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Top 3 Accessible Beaches in the Southeast of USA

Is there anything better in the world than relaxing on a beach? The smell of the salty air, the sound of the waves crashing up on the shore, and the endless view of water as far as the eye can see... Sounds like perfection, huh?  90% of the vacations that I have taken...

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Travel Lisbon, Portugal has Accessibility Challenges

I visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with a friend of mine for a few days. Lisbon is possible to visit as a wheelchair user yet moving around poses serious access challenges. If you are too shy to ask people around for help, it is always a good idea to travel...

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Hiking Trails @ Point Reyes Seashore, CA

This magnificent expanse of parkland is one of the nation's great treasures. Its 71,057 acres include rolling grasslands, forested ravines that open onto steep, rocky blufftops, broad beaches, lush salt marshes, and 600-foot-high granite promontories at the Point...

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Mori Point, Pacifica Promenade and Pier

Mori Point is located south of San Francisco in Pacifica along the coast, and is managed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area under the National Park Service. The park itself consists of a few trails, and stunning coastal views, on both sides, atop the Mori...

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Pacifica Coastal Trail in Northern California

Between Pedro Point and Rockaway Point, Pacifica State Beach, often called Linda Mar Beach, is popular with surfers and dog owners. The beach itself is largely inaccessible, but if you want a challenging climb and thrilling ride, you can pick up the Coastal Trail here...

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Bayview Motel in Eureka, CA

The Bayview Motel in Eureka, California is located on top of small hill right off highway 101 that runs through the town with a semi-view of the bay. Most will want to drive to the downtown area for meals, etc. The main office is not wheelchair accessible so upon...

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Florida Beach Accessible Vacation Rental

Anyone can tell you that there is nothing like soaking up the sun’s warm rays on a pristine sandy beach. If you use a wheelchair, that statement takes on a whole new meaning because finding an accessible beach can be like searching for an elusive oasis. Florida...

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Sicily, Italy Adventure by Wheelchair

Travelling has always been a big part of my life. So it is no wonder, that after leaving the hospital in February 2012 I started thinking about it almost straight away. How would I travel now being using a wheelchair? After checking all the technical issues of...

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5-Night Caribbean Cruise (Royal Princess)

I’ve always been fascinated with traveling; mostly by air though as that was my main form of travel when not taking a road-trip with my family.  For almost three years now I’ve had the honor of working for one...

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Traveling Barcelona, Spain in a Wheelchair

Welcome to Barcelona! In 1992, for the first time in their history, the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in the same city, at the same venues and the same Olympic Village, free of architectural barriers...

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Visiting Maine Attractions by Wheelchair

My wife and I decided to escape the July heat and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia and take off to Maine for a long weekend vacation.  Why Maine you may ask?  It was a state that neither of us had visited, and it...

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Saint Petersburg, Russia Accessible Travel

The city on the Neva River, Saint Petersburg, in Russia bears a lot of names and each name has a geographical, romantic, political, historical or cultural meaning: the Northern Capital, The City of White Nights, The City of Three Revolutions, and The Northern Venice....

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