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Some places are more wheelchair accessible than others. Explore destinations from all over the world and find out about access. Browse here and the Travel Tips and News. Or get right to it by using the search bar or map on the homepage. 
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Glasgow, Scotland: Accessible Travel Tips

Glasgow is not Scotland's Capital City but it is its largest and most cosmopolitan city which provides the traveller with a vivid contrast to the stunning historical townscape of its near neighbor, Edinburgh - a mere 40 miles away. Prior to the European City of...

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Long Beach, CA Accessible Travel Guide

Long beach is about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Long Beach is almost a child of L.A. with a much better location along the beach. From various hotels and skyscrapers in Long Beach, one can see downtown L.A. as long as the pollution level is moderately low. L.A....

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Long Beach Public Transportation

Getting around Long Beach is easy with great accessible public transportation whether it be by air, land or sea. The Long Beach Airport has flights from a little over a dozen major cities around the United States. Long Beach is a city of harbors so it made sense for...

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Adaptive Outdoor Activities in Austria for the Disabled

Behind the name Freizeit-PSO stands "Freizeit Para Special Outdoor Sports" because we want to approach people that are physically and mentally handicapped with our outdoor activities. We, as a public charity have an aim: Integrating all different kinds of people into...

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New Zealand Travel Tips: Wheelchairs & Seniors

When you arrive in New Zealand, the airports provide ground staff to assist with boarding and disembarking. Air bridges at the major terminals (both domestic and international) provide level access but at smaller airports fork lifts are used to assist wheelchair...

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Travel New Zealand by Wheelchair

New Zealand is a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. New Zealand society is laid-back, diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness and openness of Kiwis...

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Tour Bus Whistler, British Columbia is Accessible

At 8am the West Coast Sightseeing Tour Bus arrived at the hotel. The back of the bus had a lift to transport people in wheelchairs inside. Only one wheelchair per tour is able to participate because there is only one set of locking mechanisms. Once the driver secured...

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Go-Karts with Hand-Controls

Experience real head-to-head racing at Pole Position Raceway and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. If you think this is kids play...well, think again! Our high-performance European karts are capable of 45 mph, and that...

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Thailand Wheelchair Accessible Minivan and Driver

Since 2005 I have been travelling to Hua Hin and Bangkok in Thailand. I have been returning every year during wintertime. I love this country with the great foor, smiling people and Buddhist culture. Till 2010 I used a regular minivan, asked them to take out the back...

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Vancouver, B.C.: The Sea Bus

The SeaBus in Vancouver connects passengers from the Downtown Waterfront Station to the Lonsdale Quay Station in North Vancouver. The SeaBus runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the...

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Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Bus for Europe Travel

The Jumbulance is Europe’s luxury coach and ambulance in one, designed to accommodate disabled travelers and their parties. There are 2 of these special vehicles and each holds 23 passengers. The Jumbulance travels all around Europe with no country being off limits....

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SF Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Problems

Getting around some parts of San Francisco can be challenging in a wheelchair, especially if using a manual wheelchair because of the hills. Wheelchair accessible taxis in San Francisco has become problematic. They are basically impossible to get. Uber claims to have...

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Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa is a Great B&B with a Bay View

Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa, is a wheelchair friendly place to rest your head and managed by a courteous and professional staff. Every evening the hotel hosts a wine and cheese H'ors D'oeuvres hour from 5-6pm in the lobby. Pathways around the hotels make it easy to get...

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxis for the Los Angeles Area

United Independent Taxi services the greater Los Angeles area for those needing wheelchair access, which means L.A., Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Ray, and more. When making a reservation, I was told that the taxi would be there around 30 minutes but was...

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Driving from Northern to Southern California

To get between Northern and Southern California, the two most popular routes are Highway 5 and the PCH1/101 Freeway. Highway 5, which is the most direct way to drive down south. It runs nearly directly down the center of California and takes approximately hours to get...

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Bus System in Victoria, B.C.

The Victoria Regional Transit System, or the bus, is an easy and convenient way to get around Victoria for a wheelchair traveler. All buses are wheelchair accessible and at each bus stop you'll see the universal symbol. If your bus is approaching then try to make eye...

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Vancouver: River Rock Casino Resort

My sister-in-law and I just returned from a wonderful six-day trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where we stayed at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond for the second time. The River Rock is...

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Reno, Nevada Accessible Places to Stay

Sands Regency Casino Sands Regency Casino gives you the true Reno experience and just a few blocks from downtown and other casinos. The handicapped accessible room was large enough for a power wheelchair and the lower closet bar was within reach as shown in the below...

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