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Some places are more wheelchair accessible than others. Explore destinations from all over the world and find out about access. Browse here and the Travel Tips and News. Or get right to it by using the search bar or map on the homepage. 
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Stay in Charming Murphys in Northern California

Well I came upon a gem for a great stay in an accessible cozy inn.  It is called The Victoria Inn in Murphys, California. It is tucked away in the little town of Murphys in and around the gold rush country. But this town is now more known for its wine tasting venues,...

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Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland is Accessible

Grindavík, Iceland - The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is one of Iceland’s biggest and unique attractions with about 400,000 visitors per year. The lagoon is surrounded by lava rocks. It is 2/3 seawater and 1/3 fresh water and the source of the water  runs 2000 meters...

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California Coast: Mendocino Access Tips

Mendocino is a small town on the coast of Northern California where the jagged shoreline meets the lush forests filled with redwood, sequoias, and ferns. There has been a lot of effort to keep this cost under developed to maintain its pristine beauty. Coming to...

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Eureka, CA: Patrick’s Point State Park Access

Thirty miles north of Eureka, in the heart of redwood country, Patrick's Point State Park juts into the Pacific Ocean on a 640-acre headland with forests of spruce, pine, fir, hemlock, and alder interspersed with meadows. Although this coast is often shrouded in fog,...

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Access @ Trees of Mystery in Northern California

Driving along scenic Highway 101, it's a little startling to come upon the Trees of Mystery, a commercial roadside attraction with a 49-foot-tall statue of Paul Bunyan and his 35-foot high companion, Babe the Blue Ox, towering over its entrance. The 120-acre private...

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Crescent City, CA: Beach Front Park Access

Beach Front Park comprises 10 city blocks of grassy sports fields, picnic areas with unobstructed views of the harbor, a beach, a half-mile shoreline trail, and B Street Pier, a 900-foot-long accessible fishing pier (railings are 42" high). The Fred Endert indoor...

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Visit the Napa Valley Wine Country in California

Napa Valley Wine Country has made itself world famous in the wine industry and is made up the towns of Napa, American Canyon, Calistoga, St. Helena, and Yountville. Shortly after the historic Gold Rush of California, some migrated their way to the Napa Valley to claim...

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Santa Monica Beach City Access

Santa Monica Beach is one of my absolute favorite destinations in the greater Los Angeles area and one that the wheelchair traveler could easily spend a couple of days exploring and enjoying the ambiance and...

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Egypt: Accessible Adapted Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the best way to experience the underwater world. Someone who is a paraplegic or uses a wheelchair can now feel the sense of weightlessness and complete freedom of movement under water. Scuba diving gives people with disabilities an opportunity to...

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My Stay at an Accessible CA Beach House

The waves crash against the rocks and the spray leaps to the sky. Each droplet of salty water glistens in the rays of the warm summer sun.  I sit in the front yard of our magnificent beachfront rental located in Rincon Beach Park, a quite gated community in Ventura,...

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Accessible B&B in Mendocino with a View

The Little River Inn is a quaint B&B located on the coast of Mendocino in Northern California. It is a place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. In fact, cell phones become obsolete as the property is in a cell phone "dead zone." The buildings themselves date...

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Wyndham Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana

Review provided by Maryanne Wyndham Gardens Hotel is four blocks from Bourbon Street. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that the entrance was at a slant but fortunately the door was automatic, otherwise it would have been difficult to open. The front desk did not...

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The Presidio in San Francisco

A U.S. Army post for nearly 150 years, San Francisco's Presidio has been a national park since 1994 and a national historic landmark since 1962. Archaeological digs have uncovered remains from some of the...

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Santa Cruz Mt. Train Ride and Accessible Trail

When you think of Santa Cruz, usually it’s followed by Beach Boardwalk and images of California’s coast and the Pacific Ocean. While much of Santa Cruz culture is centered on the beach, it is only one side of this California destination. The Santa Cruz Mountains are a...

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Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama

How many time have you been at a public event or parade and had a good view of everyone’s butt instead of what is happening? Or worse yet, nabbed the perfect spot only to have someone stand right in front of you? And then, when it’s time to leave, found that it’s...

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Wheelchair Accessible British Columbia, Canada

There are plenty of good reasons why British Columbia is touted as being “The Best Place on Earth." Firstly, Vancouver, British Columbia is the third largest metropolitan city in Canada which is not only known for its beautiful landscape and majestic Coast Mountains...

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Timber Cove Inn on the Northern CA Coast

Timber Cove Inn is a place you stay at to get-a-way and get lost in quiet tranquility. It sits along a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. When people come to stay here they make it their home because there isn’t really anything else around....

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