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Some places are more wheelchair accessible than others. Explore destinations from all over the world and find out about access. Browse here and the Travel Tips and News. Or get right to it by using the search bar or map on the homepage. 
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Hungry in Santa Cruz, California

I found myself returning to Santa Cruz in January this time to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I stayed at the Dream Inn like I had previously done because the hotel was overall pretty wheelchair friendly and the location was almost unbeatable. The last time I was in...

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Berlin was Surprisingly Wheelchair Accessible

In 2004, my friend Nicole and I decided to go to Berlin, Germany for 10 days during our spring break.  She proposed the idea to me because she had always wanted to travel there. At that time I had only been to Greece and Turkey and was itching to go back to Europe....

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CA, Monterey Bay: Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine

This 1,400-acre reserve protects wetlands and uplands for scientific research, public education, and visitor enjoyment. Five miles of steep trails over rough terrain lead through oak woodlands and grasslands to viewpoints overlooking wetlands and the main channel of...

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Four Seasons Hotel, Downtown San Francisco

The San Francisco Four Seasons Hotel is a short stroll from the Powell BART Station and is a luxury hotel with classy customer service and lots of thick carpet. The main entry lacks an automatic door but you can almost always find a doorman ready to assist you. Take...

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Travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee

Whether you like to ski, sail, hang glide, or climb, a wheelchair should never be a reason to forego the exhilaration of these outdoor experiences while on vacation. In fact, exciting global destinations call out to the thrill seeker in all of us. While lounging by a...

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Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA

The Bahia Resort Hotel is located on Mission Bay in San Diego, a very popular and touristy part of the city due to SeaWorld as well as the many waterfront promenades and colleges nearby. The resort itself is on a peninsula which makes it look really appealing. With...

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