NM Magazine: Colors of California

New Mobility Magazine: August 2014, Pages 20-24 This New Mobility Magazine featured article includes information and trips about accessible travel to the wine country and coast of Sonoma, California, including how to get there, activities like a hot air balloon ride...

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Revista Reação: Interview with a Wheelchair Surfer

 Revista Reação: April 2014, Pages 26 & 28  This Brazilian magazine for people with disabilities features an interview conducted by Ashley Lyn Olson of with Christiann Otter Baily about his trials and accomplishments with surfing and...

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New Mobility Magazine: Fearless Flying

New Mobility Magazine: April 2014, Pages 28-35 This Cover Story features a few different articles with tips about flying on an airplane and what to expect at airports. It also reveals statistics prepared by New Mobility's Josie Byzek. One of the articles for this...

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New Mobility Magazine: Get an Accessibe Hotel Room

New Mobility Magazine: November 2013, Pages 18-22 This New Mobility Magazine feature article includes many travel tips on booking accessible hotel rooms, including what hotels are better. Ashley Lyn Olson of along with Scott Rains of Rolling...

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Sports N’ Spokes Magazine: What a Rush

Sports N' Spokes Magazine: November 2013Volume 6, Pages 13-16 "What a Rush" is an article about three people who use wheelchairs that went skydiving together in California. It was written and photographed by Ashley Lyn Olson of...

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PN Magazine: Exploring Our World, Gliding High

PN Magazine: May 2013, Volume 67Number 6, Pages 22-23 This issue of PN Magazine features an article about flying a glider plane (sailplane) with hand-controls in the California desert with California Soaring Academy.Written and photographed by Ashley Lyn...

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PN Magazine: Journey to Japan

PN Magazine: March 2013, Volume 67 Number 3, Pages 44-48 This cover story features a segment about the travels adventures of in Japan. Written and photographed by Ashley Lyn...

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Sierra Star Newspaper: Magical Experience

Sierra Star Newspaper: Thursday, December 13, 2012Volume 56, Number 7, Cover Page and A8 Tiffany Tuell of the Sierra Star Newspaper writes an article about four paralyzed wheelchair users that go zip-lining in the trees for the first time right outside Yosemite...

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