Rent a Wheelchair Friendly Apartment in Rome, Italy

Situated at the heart of Rome, at a five minutes distance from the intimate, peaceful and magnificent surroundings of the Coliseum, these two newly-developed adjacent apartments on the first floor of an antique and prestigious palace feature, among other things, comfort, silent and peaceful nights and serenity with a doorman at your service. They are side by side separated by a wall and have individual entrances but share the same Roman courtyard, with its traditional and antique look and a doorman at the front that guarantees our hosts cleanliness, a valid help and security. Both multiple families, couples or groups are welcomed, the two apartments together can accommodate up to 11/12 people. With its archaeological district, these unique locations promise to make your stay with us enjoyable and memorable and at the same time, you would not have to worry about transportation, two metro stations and the main bus stops are right outside the building and/or neighborhood markets because they are all accessible to you at a short distance. Tranquility and security are guaranteed due to the excellent reliability of the daily reception service and the safe historic district it is situated in.

These quaint lofts, situated at the Coliseum, together are approximately 175 square meters in size and are located inside a typical Roman courtyard with their own entrance. I decided a short while ago to build on my idea and set up two apartments in the historical centre of the City, a hop and a skip away from the Coliseum and in the most striking and elegant part of Rome: “Comfy @ Colosseum”(100% wheelchair accessible) and “The Doorstep to the Colosseum”. The second apartment is first and foremost accessible to everyone and up to four fit comfortably in it, while the first apartment is accessible to everyone and in particularly those with physical disabilities, elderly, multiple families and up to seven people fit comfortably in it. Being both of them side by side separated by a wall and sharing the same Roman courtyard but with two individual entrances are perfect for groups up to 11/12 people. Hygiene and cleanliness have always been of big importance to me and so i personally make sure that every room is immaculate. These apartments have been built to really make everyone feel at home and still have the sense of being in a different city swarming with culture and history. These two independent apartments are equipped with two kitchens, cookers, two dinners tables, one for four and the other for eight, fridges, freezers, microwaves, ovens, wood stove glass, dishwasher, washing machine. Two livingrooms equipped with satellite TV.

A total of five double bedrooms, two of which are accessible to those who are disabled. Four bathrooms(one of which 100% wheelchair accessible equipped with large flat shower, showerchair, grabrails) complete with toilets, sinks, four showers. Also two modern sofa-beds are there and also available in the apartments a baby cot. All bedrooms and livingrooms possess professional air conditioning system, making it comfortable for all. Guide dogs are also welcome. Silent, peace are guaranteed for your quiet and resting night. So your privacy is. Above all, the building has been recently inspected and all licenses have been renewed and security measures have been taken to ensure and guarantee proper safety and security.

Note: The two apartments can also be rented separately, the big one can accommodate up to 7 people and the smaller one can accommodate up to 5.

On the off season the rate to rent this place in Rome, Italy for one week is 800 Euro, 1100 Euro during the mid-season, and 1300 Euro for the peak season. The minimum stay is 3 nights and the maximum is 1 month… or more.

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