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No doubt it is sometimes a great chore to make the decision to travel to foreign places, especially when you’re on a wheelchair. With proper arrangements and research, however, choosing to take the trip usually ends up being more than worth it. And Tangier City, Morocco, I should mention right now, is a particularly conducive city for disabled traveling. It is easy to get around, thanks to the flat cobbles, ramps and curb drops, and it is also quite convenient to find a tour guide to help make the journey a much smoother one.


Tour Guides

One of the most important decisions when it comes to accessible traveling in Tangier, or any city really, is to enlist a tour guide. Doing this offers quite a number of advantages, some of which are listed below.

  1. Planning – With a tour guide, you’re able to make more optimal plans. This not only range from choosing the best, most accessible places to visit, but also, just as importantly, choosing the places to avoid. Tangier is a generally accessible city, but there are also busy places you’d want to try as much as possible to avoid.
  2. Splitting – A tour guide can also help to optimally make the decision of when and how to split the journey between walking and driving.
  3. Transport Modes – Splitting is one thing, knowing which kind of vehicle would be most perfect is another. Sadly there are no wheelchair accessible taxis in Tangier, so sometimes you’ll need a spacious van, sometimes a hired sedan, and sometimes even a ferry.


Wheelchair Accessible Senic Areas

Just like the hotels and restaurants, there are a lot of accessible, must-see locations in Tangier. But, also, here is where a guide comes in most handy, seeing as he or she would have the most knowledge on the degree of accessibility, and exactly how to manoeuvre the maze to get the most stress-free experience.

  1. Kasbah and Medina – Wandering through the maze passageways of the medina is always an experience in itself. It is also quite easy to get lost here, so you either have to have a good eye for places, or have a guide with you. The people around here are very nice and always smiling.
  2. Port de Tanger Ville – A beautiful point on the Ave Mohammed VI, the Port de Tangier Ville offers great view, and a serene environment with immense potential for getting some memorable shots. It is also extremely clean, safe, well taken care of, and above all, accessible.
  3. American Ligation – Definitely not one of the topmost, most popular locations in Tangiers, this museum and cultural centre gets its appeal from its relative obscurity. It is perfect for accessible and sustainable travel, it is rich in history and artistic artefact, and perfect for those who want to learn a thing or two on the trip to Tangier.


Accessible Hotels

Tangier City in Morocco offers enough accessible hotels, so finding one should not be a problem, especially with a seasoned guide. At any rate, below are a few recommendations to make the journey easier.

  1. Dannys Tangier – Among the advantages of this place, apart from its accessibility of course, is its proximity to the Tangier beach, spacious and well-equipped bedroom, serene patio door relaxation, wonderful customer service, and so much more.
  2. Ibis Tangier City Centre – Located in the Tangier City Centre, this hotel offers a warm homeliness and proximity to the beach and train station. The rooms are well-furnished and well-maintained, and just like most hotels of its kind in Tangier, the customer service is quite impeccable.
  3. Hotel Continental – Last on our recommended accessible hotels list is the Hotel Continental. As fancy as they come, Hotel Continental makes up for its quite hefty pricing by providing impeccable services, great view, and an overall satisfying experience.


Wheelchair Accessible Restaurants

Finding an accessible restaurant in Tangier is even easier than finding an accessible hotel, so rest assured you won’t have any problem at all in that regard. Here are a couple recommendation to check out:

  1. Ristorante Di Mare – Located in Corniche at the Blvd. Mohamed VI, Ristorante Di Mare serves some of the best Italian foods in the whole of Tangier. It is very accessible, the waiters are always smiling, and the pasta will always leave you wanting more.
  2. Cappuccino – Definitely one of the best coffee place/ restaurants in the city, Cappuccino is a place you go to either spoil yourself with a great meal, or grab a quick cup of coffee and get out. Either way, it is highly accessible and offers delicious meals.
  3. Petite Socco – The Petite Socco is not a restaurant in itself, no, it’s even better. It’s a beautiful street where you can find some of the very best cafes in all of Tangier. It is also a place of rich culture. Definitely a stop for sustainable travel.


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