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When traveling for the first time or to a new destination in general you may have all kinds of logistical questions. Whether you use a manual or power wheelchair get tips on reserving an accessible hotel room, find out what you need to know about flying on an airplane, and how to be your own advocate when booking an cruise, the best ways to pack for solo wheelchair travel, what to bring and so much more… Please email us to share your tips.

AirAsia Damages Wheelchair on Plane Flight, Denies Fault

Disable person complains AirAsia about failed compensation while his wheelchair gets damaged. A wheelchair worth over ten thousand ringgit has been damaged but no reasonable compensation has been made so far. Lim Sow Seng (Seng) from Kuantan urges AirAsia to revise...

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5 Travel Problems for People in Wheelchair

I don’t know about you, but I am a passionate traveler. I visited more than 30 countries worldwide, and still counting. You would probably say “wow’ to this. Let me ask you a question. What would you say if I told you I was a wheelchair user? Today I want to share my...

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New York City on a Budget

Manhattan can be a very expensive place to visit, but there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost and still have a great time. The best way to enjoy yourself is to be flexible.  LodgingEven less expensive hotels can break a lot of budgets.  After determining that a...

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Cruise Warnings: 6 Travel Access Myths

For some people, a cruise is the trip of lifetime, a celebration, a repeat occurrence, or perhaps the best and only way to travel, but not a utopia of wheelchair accessible travel. So before you book a cruise,...

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Flying with a Wheelchair: Airplanes & Airports

Airport Arrival: Drop-Off & Parking While traveling and with flying a wheelchair, first, it is most convenient to be dropped off at an airport by someone or an airport shuttle service such as Super Shuttle (equipped with lifts) but this is not always possible. If so,...

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How to Rate Trails for Wheelchair Accessibility

Taking on any hiking trail with a 5% slope and higher depends a lot on how well your wheelchair is built, how experience you are on hills, and what makeup of the trail surface is.  I also recommend that you wear a seat belt when taking on any dirt trail. Several times...

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Travel Companions and Caregivers

I enjoy traveling solo, but sometimes I want or need a travel companion, depending on where I am going and what I am doing. There is an indisputable need for travel companions and caregivers that can assist in various way, especially in the wheelchair community. Some...

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ABA Law Overview: Outdoor Recreation Access

The USA ABA, Architectural Barriers Act, was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and focuses on the the accessibility of buildings and facilities--removing barriers to create more access for those who are physically challenged. The ABA governs that...

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RV (Recreational Vehicle): Wheelchair Travel

  An accessible RV can open a whole new world of travel and adventure for people with mobility problems. RV traveling has many advantages including an always available, clean, accessible bathroom; a comfortable bed for middle of the day breaks; the opportunity to...

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Tips for Preparing a Europe Trip with a Child in a Chair

When we found out, about six months ago, that we were lucky enough to take this trip to Europe we knew that we had to start planning right away; Tyler uses a manual wheelchair. Our itinerary included France, Italy, Czech Republic, and Germany. Research was our first...

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