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When traveling for the first time or to a new destination in general you may have all kinds of logistical questions. Whether you use a manual or power wheelchair get tips on reserving an accessible hotel room, find out what you need to know about flying on an airplane, and how to be your own advocate when booking an cruise, the best ways to pack for solo wheelchair travel, what to bring and so much more… Please email us to share your tips.

Air Travel Tips for Power Wheelchairs

Being restricted to a power wheelchair doesn't equal to restrictions in lifestyle and recreation. Airline travel is one of many activities that, with a little preparation, can be accomplished in spite of a mobility aid. Here is some advice to make airline travel with...

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Time for a Two-Tiered Accessible Parking Program?

All too often we find the few designated accessible parking spots are filled, yet we do not see any other customers using a wheelchair or other mobility device. Is it time to establish a two-tiered accessible parking program? Accessible parking stalls are designed...

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Cruising with a Disability: What to Know

The word POSH, coincidentally, has nautical and monetary roots and due to the intense sun refers to the cooler side of a ship in which to occupy cabin space on the early Indian cruises. Port Out Starboard Home later shortened to 'posh' was only affordable by the...

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10 Tips: How to Book a Cruise with a Disability

1. We suggest that you seek out the newest ships: While some oceangoing lines have nicely retrofitted older vessels with accessible features, generally, the newer the ship, the more likely that accessibility for all guests was built into the design. These ships...

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The International Disability Treaty

While wheelchair accessibility is nowhere near perfect in the United States, the American disability community is truly lucky to have the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an achievement that shines brightly on the timeline of disability history in our country....

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8 Tips for Confident Travel for Quadriplegics

So you’re a quadriplegic and you’ve decided you’re ready to start traveling. There’s a lot of adventures ahead, and these 8 tips will help you test the waters, build your confidence, and make your trips successful. Before you know it,  you’ll be a seasoned expert!...

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Lonely Planet’s List of Accessible Travel Resources

Hard of hearing or vision-impaired? A wheelchair user or slow walker? Fibromyalgia, MS or spinal-cord injury? None of these should stop you from experiencing the joy and benefits of travel. We at Lonely Planet believe that travel is for all, no matter what their...

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Airline Travel Tips for Kids with Special Needs

1. How can you identify a disability-friendly airline? Are some airlines better with wheelchairs and catering to the needs of people with disabilities than others? What are some of the things parents should look out for when booking flights? The more disabled-friendly...

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Power Wheelchair Travel Tips

Traveling alone to a destination you have never traveled to, knowing no one but one person, and they don't even know you're coming is pretty scary, right? Imagine adding being a quadriplegic to that equation. Now it seems even scarier, right? Well, it is very scary,...

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Manual Wheelchair Travel Tips

1. Allen Wrenches: Bringing a portable set of Allen Wrenches will come in handy if your breaks get altered during flight or elsewhere or generally need to be tightened on your trip. Your caster wheels may also need adjustment or to be cleaned during your trip. 2....

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