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When traveling for the first time or to a new destination in general you may have all kinds of logistical questions. Whether you use a manual or power wheelchair get tips on reserving an accessible hotel room, find out what you need to know about flying on an airplane, and how to be your own advocate when booking an cruise, the best ways to pack for solo wheelchair travel, what to bring and so much more… Please email us to share your tips.

Airline Travel Precautions for Wheelchairs

Despite of being a much practiced recreational activity worldwide, travelling involves several frustrating moments. As one needs to book tickets, make reservations, pack all the necessary items, secure the luggage and reach the transportation on time, travelling is...

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Cruises: Be Your Own Advocate!

Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world - that's true for many people with disabilities,  but only if you’re willing to actively advocate for yourself, plan carefully and accept some compromises. A little background: I’m a veteran cruiser who also uses a...

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Westjet Airline in Canada Makes Flying A Little Easier

My traveling requires that I spend a lot of time in airports and in airplanes. A little pre-planning can make the entire experience a lot easier, especially for Canadians flying with Westjet. In the last 18 months I have flown twelve times on Westjet aircraft. Prior...

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Wheelchair Travel Philosophy

Life is a constantly evolving journey, a train moving through space and time, and traveling is a way to consciously experience it. When you travel, your senses become alive as if woken up from hibernation also known as routine. Routine has the allure of security but...

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Know Where You Sit With Aviation Rights

When it comes to travelling with a wheelchair, the rules can be complicated and not as user-friendly as the air carrier which attends to your needs on the day. It is therefore extremely important to know what your rights are when it comes to aviation so that if you...

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Ms. Wheelchair CA 2012 on Travel and Positive Attitude

I always get very nervous when I'm about to embark on a plane. I start worrying about all the things that could go wrong. As the date approaches to take my trip, I start to get this urge to cancel my trip.  Then I realized I can't live life like this, life is way too...

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Packing Plan for People with Limited Mobility

When headed to a new travel destination wheelchair users will commonly be faced by challenges of the unknown like finding a hotel that suites their needs as well as accessible attractions and transportation. In the big older cities where a number of buildings have...

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US Airways: Horrible Disabled Treatment

I wear a leg brace. I use a wheelchair, but can walk short distances with canes before fatiguing. I cannot stand without an assistive device. My face is normal and my speech clear. My upper body appears healthy with good arm strength and use of hands. My back aches,...

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Hotel Questionnaire: Accessibility Inquiry

Dear Sir/Madam: My [    ] and I will arrive in [         ] on [            ] and depart on [           ]. We will stay for [       ] nights. I use an electric wheelchair that is [[  ] centimeters ([  ] inches)] wide.  I am unable to walk at all.   My [     ] is not...

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