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When traveling for the first time or to a new destination in general you may have all kinds of logistical questions. Whether you use a manual or power wheelchair get tips on reserving an accessible hotel room, find out what you need to know about flying on an airplane, and how to be your own advocate when booking an cruise, the best ways to pack for solo wheelchair travel, what to bring and so much more… Please email us to share your tips.

The World of Wheelchair Travellers

For years, wheelchair users have felt like second-class citizens when it comes to traveling. It had reached the point where a lot of people felt trapped in their homes, or dependent on other people in order to just get out and shop for groceries, or other mundane...

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A Quad’s Perfect Hotel Room

This letter was emailed to and asked to share with the rest of the wheelchair traveling community. There is a big difference between what a person needs if using a manual and electric wheelchair. Here's what one traveler has come up with that...

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Why Take a Cruise? Advice from a Travel Agent

CRUISING IS THE VACATION OF CHOICE FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES It’s no secret anymore that cruises have definitely become the vacation of choice for persons with disabilities.  Major cruise lines have realized that it is just smart business practice to make their...

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21 Century Accessible Tourism

What is accessible tourism in the 21st century, and how is it designed?   Do the products and services currently available really cater for the demands and needs of a constantly evolving market?   Is there a concrete dialogue between users and service providers that...

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