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Organized accessible tours are a great way to see a new place without having to do too much work, especially if you are traveling to an international country. These tour companies make travel accessible, see how. Email us for tour tips.

Rent Luxury Home: Barwon Heads, Australia

It’s most likely your two main priorities when choosing an accessible holiday will be finding the right accommodation and being able to independently explore the area. Accessible Accommodation is a luxury property for rent in the centre of Barwon Heads, Australia, an...

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New York City on a Budget

Manhattan can be a very expensive place to visit, but there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost and still have a great time. Lodging Even less expensive hotels can break a lot of budgets.  After determining that a hotel stay would use up the majority of ours, we...

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Havana, Cuba Travel Adventure

While there are still restrictions to go anywhere in Cuba, even Havana, it is easier to get there than it has been in the past.  Several cruise lines go there from Miami and other ports, and you can also fly direct from Miami, Atlanta, and probably other cities.  We...

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Accessible Italy? Yes we can!

Italy is famous to be an ancient and rich country, full of history and masterpieces of art. But have you ever wondered how difficult is rolling on cobblestones dated back to 13th century? Or be sure that this amazing room in an old Renaissance Palace is 100%...

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park Wheelchair Tips

The grouping of four towering sequoia redwoods alongside the road in the Sierra Mountains, known as the “Four Guardsmen,” and are usually the first stop for visitors. Vehicles scurry to find a place to park alongside the road, but I fly right by them knowing this is...

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Seoul, South Korea by Wheelchair

My wife and I visited Seoul on the third leg of a 3 stop tour of Asia.  We had some trouble getting there because we flew on a budget airline, and they were not really equipped for wheelchair travelers.  In retrospect, I would not have flown on a budget airline, but...

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My Visit to Taipei, Taiwan with a Wheelchair

My wife and I visited Taipei, Taiwan recently on the first leg of a three stop tour of Asia.  Since I have family there, I was able to stay with them and save some money on accommodations. However, in the past I have stayed at an airbnb in Taipei, which was a bit...

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Morocco Accessible Travel Tour

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants believe that exploring the world should be for all people. Regardless of ability or limitations. From personalized tours to adaptive camel saddles, we think differently. We create differently. Discover Morocco with us through a...

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Thai Senior and Disabled Travel Company Tour

Thai Senior and Disabled Travel Co., Ltd., is a tour operator and travel consultant for accessible tourism in Thailand, with professional teams who are experienced and specialized in Senior and Disabled citizen tour operation, tour planning, and various other...

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Cape Town, South Africa: Local Expert Travel Tips

Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most diverse cities in the world along with the friendliest people. Accessibility is an issue but with proper planning lots of fun can be had. There is so much to do in a day, that it’s best keeping your eye on the weather and...

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