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Organized accessible tours are a great way to see a new place without having to do too much work, especially if you are traveling to an international country. These tour companies make travel accessible, see how. Email us for tour tips.

Australia Taxis: Wheelchair Access Overview

Australia has a long history of providing taxis for those with disabilities. Way back in the 1980’s Australia saw the need and quickly introduced wheelchair access taxis. The early ones were cumbersome converted Ford sedans and were horrible to ride in, and equally...

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Stanford House in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Stanford House is a hostel operating within Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, located about a ten minute drive from the Boston Visitor Center. The classic historical white wood panel structure is surrounded by lovely trees. One handicapped parking spot is...

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What To-Do: Family Favorites for Travel in Rome, Italy

Tyler and I loved Rome! We wanted to see Rome because of the things we had learned about Roman history. We wanted to actually see the Colosseum where the Roman gladiators fought and walk where Julius Caesar ruled. It was much fun and more fascinating than we could...

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10 Travel Tips about Access in Paris, France

Our family traveled to Paris, France for the first time. We were there for only a couple of days but managed to see and experience a lot with the time we had. Getting around wasn't much trouble because Tyler's wheelchair is light-weight and can be easily stored in...

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The National Theater of Costa Rica

The National Theater of Costa Rica is one of the most iconic buildings in the capital, San José. Its construction began in 1891 and it took 6 years to finish it. The theater has a neoclassical architecture, with marble columns, statues and paintings. It was declared...

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Door County, Wisconsin Accessibility

For my summer vacation this year I wanted to get back home to Wisconsin to visit my family.  After spending three days in my hometown of Merrill, WI, my parents and I would pack up for the 3-hour drive to the Door County Peninsula, between the Bay of Green Bay and...

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Access at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg is a restored and recreated colonial American village in eastern Virginia that functions as a living history museum. Visitors can explore the town and tour Georgian buildings like the Governor's Palace, Courthouse, Capitol and Bruton Parish...

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Shenandoah National Park Access Guide in Virginia

Shenandoah National Park is located in the Great Appalachian Valley on the East Coast of the United States in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north-central Virginia about 1.5 hours from Washington D.C.. It is a narrow and elongated park stretching over 100 miles. Having...

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Maui, Hawaii: Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Paradise!

Maui is THE place where it is 100% acceptable to wear those loud Hawaiian-printed shirts, flip-flops, gulp down Lava Flows, and live in your swimming trunks 24/7. It also boasts some of the best seafood, snorkeling, and weather in the world. It's super laid-back, yet...

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Access in Vietnam: What to Expect & Travel Tips

I choose to travel to Vietnam on a whim. I wanted to go to Southeast Asia and I had heard Vietnam was cheap. I also have a bad habit of impulse buying plane tickets. I took my mom knowing she was adventurous as well. We traveled for 10 days, mainly staying in the...

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