When traveling to a new destination you need to know how you are going to get around. Have your own vehicle or renting? Public transportation like trains, subways, taxis or boats will vary in wheelchair access everywhere you go. Will you be wheeling the city at all? Don’t get stranded, prepare your mobility.

Carlisle, Cumbria, England: Getting Around

When getting around Carlisle, Cumbria, it depends what you want to do and where you want to go. The most popular area to wheel or stroll around at is the City Centre; it's a destination in itself, but also the starting point for going elsewhere using different public...

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AirAsia Damages Wheelchair on Plane Flight, Denies Fault

Disable person complains AirAsia about failed compensation while his wheelchair gets damaged. A wheelchair worth over ten thousand ringgit has been damaged but no reasonable compensation has been made so far. Lim Sow Seng (Seng) from Kuantan urges AirAsia to revise...

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Capri, Italy: Wheelchair Access Travel Tips

This article is based on a day trip to Capri we took from Naples in May of 2014 and, to a lesser extent, one in 2006.  We also went to Rome in 2014 and wrote articles about wheelchair access in Rome, in Naples and in Pompeii; they can be found on the same website as...

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Exploring Peru with a Wheelchair

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Peru, take it!  Lima is a vibrant city of about 25 million, and is full of things to do.  One of the things Lima is most known for is its food.  If nothing else, you can entertain yourself by trying out the many restaurants...

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Train Travel in Italy: Wheelchair Access

This article is based on Italian train trips we’ve taken in 2014, 2012, 2009, 2006, 2005 and 2003.  In 2014 and 2012 Howard traveled in his Permobil, which weighs around 325 pounds (148 kg) and is around 26 inches (66 cm) wide and with the footrest in the shortened...

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Air Travel and Airports Tips

When traveling in a wheelchair, ideally it is most convenient to be dropped off at an airport by someone or an airport shuttle service such as Super Shuttle (equipped with lifts) but this is not always possible. If so, then the next best option may be to take some...

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Costa Rica Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

If you are traveling to any beach in Costa Rica, it is better to rent a 4WD car. Usually, car rentals don’t have any hand controls, but Service Car Rental offers different options like mini vans, ramps and portable handicap driving hand controls. You have to make a...

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Australia: Access to Public Transportation

Australia has had a national disability act for decades. Commonwealth Government’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (2002). It entitles those with disabilities to the same level of services as all...

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Australia Taxis: Wheelchair Access Overview

Australia has a long history of providing taxis for those with disabilities. Way back in the 1980’s Australia saw the need and quickly introduced wheelchair access taxis. The early ones were cumbersome converted Ford sedans and were horrible to ride in, and equally...

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Sydney, Australia Accessible Transportation Options

The beautiful state capital of Sydney offers something for every kind of tourist, whether it be for a thrill seeker or a quiet sightseer. Getting around Sydney, Australia is thankfully quite easy. There are many wheelchair user-friendly options for getting from A to B...

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