When traveling to a new destination you need to know how you are going to get around. Have your own vehicle or renting? Public transportation like trains, subways, taxis or boats will vary in wheelchair access everywhere you go. Will you be wheeling the city at all? Don’t get stranded, prepare your mobility.

The SeaBus in Vancouver, B.C.

The SeaBus in Vancouver connects passengers from the Downtown Waterfront Station to the Lonsdale Quay Station in North Vancouver. The SeaBus runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the evening. Crossing from one side to the other takes less than...

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Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Bus for Europe Travel

The Jumbulance is Europe’s luxury coach and ambulance in one, designed to accommodate disabled travelers and their parties. There are 2 of these special vehicles and each holds 23 passengers. The Jumbulance travels all around Europe with no country being off limits....

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SF Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Problems

Getting around some parts of San Francisco can be challenging in a wheelchair, especially if using a manual wheelchair because of the hills. Wheelchair accessible taxis in San Francisco has become problematic. They are basically impossible to get. Uber claims to have...

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxis for the Los Angeles Area

United Independent Taxi services the greater Los Angeles area for those needing wheelchair access, which means L.A., Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Ray, and more. When making a reservation, I was told that the taxi would be there around 30 minutes but was...

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Driving from Northern to Southern California

To get between Northern and Southern California, the two most popular routes are Highway 5 and the PCH1/101 Freeway. Highway 5, which is the most direct way to drive down south. It runs nearly directly down the center of California and takes approximately hours to get...

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Bus System in Victoria, B.C.

The Victoria Regional Transit System, or the bus, is an easy and convenient way to get around Victoria for a wheelchair traveler. All buses are wheelchair accessible and at each bus stop you'll see the universal symbol. If your bus is approaching then try to make eye...

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Westjet Airline in Canada Makes Flying A Little Easier

My traveling requires that I spend a lot of time in airports and in airplanes. A little pre-planning can make the entire experience a lot easier, especially for Canadians flying with Westjet. In the last 18 months I have flown twelve times on Westjet aircraft. Prior...

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SkyTrain in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada has a great public transportation for getting around the metro area for those in wheelchairs. One of the wheelchair accessible options in Vancouver is the SkyTrain. The train covers 49.5 kilometers around the...

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Vancouver, B.C. Bus System Access

Canada's Vancouver has a great public transportation for getting around the metro area for those in wheelchairs. The most common way to get around town is by bus. Bus stops all over the city and will get you within walking distance of Vancouver's major attractions. In...

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Boat Travel: Vancouver, B.C. to Victoria, B.C.

One the easiest and popular ways to get between Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada is by the BC Ferries. Grandmothers take it across for a day trip to have lunch, as I overheard on my ride.The port in Vancouver is called Tsawwassen and for those...

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