When traveling to a new destination you need to know how you are going to get around. Have your own vehicle or renting? Public transportation like trains, subways, taxis or boats will vary in wheelchair access everywhere you go. Will you be wheeling the city at all? Don’t get stranded, prepare your mobility.

The TriMet “MAX” in Portland in a Wheelchair

In Portland, Oregon the Tri Met is the wheelchair friendly light rail public transportation service that makes it easy and convenient to get around just about anywhere in Portland that you want to go to, even to the airport (see map). In many stations the Tri Met...

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Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a great public transportation option for those traveling in the San Francisco or Berkeley area as well many places in the greater Bay Area. All stations have elevators to reach the loading docks and getting onto the train is easy...

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Wheelchair Access on the Subway in Boston, MA

It is certainly possible for someone in a manual wheelchair to travel the streets of Boston without taking any form of public transportation; however it all depends on one's stamina and endurance because there are slight inclines and well, using a manual wheelchair...

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Rolling Around Boston, MA in My Wheelchiar

The port is about a mile away from anything central so you do need to figure out how to get to the city centre. Once you do get downtown everything historical is close to each other. Beantown can be fun in a wheelchair. Its rich history is all accessible and...

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Practical Car Hire Tips for Wheelchair Users

About 10% of the global population or 650 million have disabilities and it is estimated that 10% of them require wheelchairs, allowing them to live and travel independently. A primary concern for independent travel, however, is the use of car hire vehicles. Whether...

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