About Wheelchair Accessible Travel

Created in 2006, wheelchairtraveling.com works to empower people
with limited mobility, their friends and loved ones to access and
experience the world of accessible leisure and adventure travel. 

Contribute or partner with the wheelchair traveling world.


Many of us have experienced less than perfect access at a hotel or restaurant, on public
transportation, etc., but even still, there is a lot to see and do in this world and in your own backyard.
This website is designed as a travel guide that features not only the basics, like how to get
around and where to sleep, but also ideas on attractions and activities, so you can plan a trip
your way. Know before you go. An accessible tour may also be of interest, and so many options
are on this website. If your traveling solo, with friends or family, I wanted you to be able to travel
knowing what to expect, how to prepare and even adapt, so you can make the most out of the
experience. My #1 travel tip is to pack a patience, positive attitude and open heart.
Happy Travels,
Ashley Lyn Olson


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