Adaptive Outdoor Activities in Austria for the Disabled

The name Freizeit-PSO stands for “Freizeit Para Special Outdoor Sports” because we want to approach people that are physically and mentally handicapped with our outdoor activities. We, as a public charity have an aim: Integrate all different kinds of people into our society equivalently and at the same time, we want to offer exciting holidays at a reasonable price. The so-called integrative holidays, together with your friends and family, has the highest priority. That means that all our programs are accessible for people with all kinds of different disabilities as well as for their families.

Adaptive Holidays

Along the lines of “impossible is nothing,“ anyone learns how to ski at our adaptive ski school and anyone can be part of diversified integrative holidays. All of our active holidays can be put together individually. We are looking forward to customizing your holiday in that way, as you want it!

Every day is a different adventure, a new challenge, self-awareness once in a different way, breaking through borders, and enjoying nature! Amongst other things, our summer holidays include hiking tours, trail diving, visiting a high rope course, rafting tours, horse riding, and visiting the Dachstein Sky Walk.

In winter we offer adaptive ski lessons in BI-skies, Mono-Skies, and with ski-links. All of our adaptive skiing instructors are specially trained in skiing with people with disabilities.

Target Group – People with Disabilities

Our adaptive holidays and skiing courses are open to people with all kinds of different disabilities. Kids, youths, and grown-ups with a physical or mental handicap as well as their family and friends.

A short range of possible disabilities: Cerebral palsy, amputations, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, visual impairments, Trisomie 21 (Down Syndrome), Autism, learning disability…

Possible disabilities: Cerebral palsy, amputations, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, visual impairments, learning disability…


Adaptive ski instructors, cooperation partners, and helpers support the participants in all their activities professionally. Participants which are in need of care or personal support of the activities must bring their own helper in summer and in the winter! If requested and after a conversation, our team can also try to organize a helper.


People with disabilities need special care as well as expensive equipment when they are skiing and also at our active holidays. Freizeit-PSO is a public charity and that‘s why we want to offer attractive adventure sports at a reasonable price. Our prices are similar to those which are offered at regular skiing schools. The additional costs will be covered by our sponsors.


At our summer program, we will help you to find a suitable wheelchair accessible hotel.  We can recommend:


From the airports you can come to Schladming by train, called the ÖBB, which is accessible by lift. At the train station in Schladming we can organize a taxi to your hotel. During our program, we can transport you in our own cars or we also can organize a taxi. The taxis in Schladming do not have lift but the drivers are willing to help wheelchair users into the taxi. If this is a problem and a lift is required, we can organize a taxi from Salzburg with a lift.

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