Exclusive Accessible CA Wine Country Tour

Coastal fog in Northern California draws a cooler climate and allows forests to thrive, something inherently different than its southern half. The maritime layer produces cooler summers and milder winters, making Northern California open for travel all year round. Occasionally it does rain in California during the late winter and early spring, but it does not stop Californians. When it rains in California, it’s considered a gift and often doesn’t last too long.

To experience Northern California at its brightest and most colorful then come visit during fall and spring but remember, even in the depths of winter, the evergreen forests and piercing gray-blue Pacific Ocean are always beautiful, and the wine country also still has a majestic allure. Summertime is always nice in California, no denying it, but there’s something unique about the fall, winter and spring months. It is also quieter and less crowded because school is in session, and the cost for accommodations is reduced which means you save money or can use that money for something else on your trip.

View the suggested 7-day itinerary 2, 3, 5 and 7-day tour.

Maybe you’ve been to San Francisco before or maybe you haven’t, either way I guarantee that there is something you haven’t seen, a trail you haven’t hiked, or an outdoor activity that you haven’t experienced. There are many faces to San Francisco, so whether it be all about the culture, attractions, food, breweries, wine, or the outdoors, we have your interests covered. And this is just the start of the tour!

After a glimpse of San Francisco, and some picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the tour leads into the wine country of California. The tour will take you to some of the best international and family-owned wineries and micro-breweries in the area with stops at some local organic farms and grocery markets as well as historic wine country towns filled with cute shops, eateries and galleries; each with their own charm.

As the tour group makes its way to the coast, it will stop for a hike through an ancient grove of redwood trees. Then it’s off to the coast to catch the sunset from the Victorian village of Mendocino. The next couple of days are spent exploring the various accessible forest and coastal trails. A trip to at least one of the two historical forts in Northern California is a must, but if you love history then see both. The lighthouse is also of interests for many. There is a botanical garden, kayaking, and hot springs to name a few things to do, but the overall rhythm of the NorCal Coast is very easy-going or clam. It is a place to relax and just be. Before heading back to San Francisco for the last night, the tour enjoys another evening on the coast in Bodega Bay—made famous by the John Hitchcock horror movie “The Birds.”

Even returning back to San Francisco will provide you with different views of Northern California wildlife and an afternoon to spend in the city.

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