Street Vibrations Festival in Reno, Nevada

Every year the Biggest Little City in the World hosts one of the largest music and motorcycles festival there is, Street Vibrations. For this weekend, usually in September, Reno is transformed into a display-case for motorcycles. At Casino parking lots rows upon rows of every kind of motorcycle imaginable can be seen; fast, classic, customized, all of the above, you name it.

Though I did not grow up in a “motorcycle family,” I have a mechanical mind and can deeply appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into building and maintaining this kind of a machine. So I had a blast wandering around the streets of Reno, intermingling with the bikers a bit. During the whole weekend, I believe, the streets of Downtown Reno are closed off to cars (and motorcycles)  so the people can swagger and sway as they please.

Downtown Reno is very wheelchair accessible and exceptionally flat; it’s also walking distance from any of the casino hotels. During the Street Vibrations Festival food and merchandise vendors line the streets, music stages rock almost all day and all night, and of course motorcycles and all accessories can be found even more abundantly. Though the biker community is the honored guest of the weekend, there are plenty of other visitors around enjoying the livelyness of this annual event.

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