Greece Accessible Tour: Holiday and Vacation Fun!

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The archaeological sites and places of historical interest are an integral part of the country’s identity, as they connect its past with its present and future.

Courses of Greek culture that link past with present and future, like the ancient Olympic Games and modern “Marathon” for the return of sculptures of Parthenon, guide the visitor to paths of knowledge and creation.

Today, Greece is a treasure trove of museums, archaeological and historical sites, theatre, dance, and musical performance, The Acropolis, perched on the Parthenon in Athens, is the crown jewel of Greece’s archaeological splendour. And museums, such as the National Archaeological Museum, the New Acropolis Museum, and scores of others throughout the country house collections that chronicle the evolution of Western civilization.

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Sites such as Acropolis, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Epidavros and Vergina in Northern Greece are easily accessible for day trips or weekend excursions and make living in Greece a true pleasure.

Without a doubt, Greece’s weather creates a comfortable kind of living almost during the whole year.

It has often been said that the true Mediterranean diet is based on traditional Greek cuisine, with its emphasis on vegetables, fruits, grains, seafood, fresh meat and dairy products, and pure wine.

In my own opinion, I consider that people from all over the world come to my country for its natural beauty, for its weather on summer, for his legendary mythology and history, for his people that are innate welcome hearts, for his education towards visitors, for his healthy food and the way it is friendly served, for his archaeological wealthy treasures, and for so many other modern attractions like the exciting summer night life. Greece is plain and exotic at the same time.

Nowadays as a tourism representative I can appreciate yet more than previous years ago about Greece attractions, specifically regarding physical challenged travellers I can consider that they come here looking, besides all above, for their lost physical availability and for the warm feeling that Greek people offers to them. Most of our visitors, in general, come here like if they want to recognize their own and real human origin.

This tour was the first agency in Greece to help physically disabled travelers starting  in 1999 and is still going strong  because  of philosophy to help and assistance to disabled tourism. Mr. Christianakis had initiated in 1981 with regular services but broke new ground in the Hellenic Tourism sector providing accessible tourist services to wheelchair users so as they can enjoy their best holidays experiencing the beauties of accessible Greece.

A professional team of employees with specialized knowledge of services to people with disabilities along with an adapted minibuses and has successfully established us as a vital member of the Greek Tourism sector. As such, we are devoted to provide innovative quality services meeting the individual needs of our customers with exclusivity.  We also provide accessible transportation, transfers from Athens international airport, ports of Piraeus, Katakolos, Crete, and to any other wheelchair accessible destination as well as conveniently and comfortably adapted accommodation, excursions and trips to many destinations in Greece.

Our services and holiday packages are for all travellers, including the physically challenged and disabled people with tailor made services to suit their needs.

The event that faster developed Greece to be more accessible was the 2004 Olympic Games, followed by the Para-Olympic Games. Since then more accessibility is being developed for physically limited visitors.

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