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Cruising + Cruise Lines Overview

Why take a cruise? Cruising on various cruise lines is one of the most popular means of travel for those who

Cruise Warnings: 6 Travel Access Myths

For some people, a cruise is the trip of lifetime, a celebration, a repeat occurrence, or perhaps the best and

Cruising with a Disability: What to Know

The word POSH, coincidentally, has nautical and monetary roots and due to the intense sun refers to the cooler side

Cruise Planning: 10 Travel Tips

1. Seek out the newest ships. While some oceangoing lines have nicely retrofitted older vessels with accessible features, generally, the

Cruise: Be Your Own Advocate!

Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world and that’s also true for many people with disabilities,

Why Take a Cruise? Travel Agent’s Advice

It’s no secret anymore that cruises have become the vacation of choice for persons with disabilities.  Major cruise lines have

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