The 1,125-acre Caledonia State Park in the state of Pennsylvania is located between Chambersburg and Gettysburg along the Lincoln Highway, US 30. Caledonia State Park is favorite place for camping and has some wheelchair access. 

The park is nestled within South Mountain with farmlands on either side and the Blue Ridge Mountain Range to the north. Within South Mountain there are four state parks and 84,000 acres of state forest land waiting to be explored and enjoyed, and one of them is Caledonia State Park.

Hosack Run Campground
I tent camped for 4 days in July 2016.  I was at site #180 which is designated handicap accessible.  The site is paved and there is a handicap bathroom with roll-in shower (see images).  I was issued a key and basically had a “private” bathroom the entire stay. Also, site #181 is designated handicap accessible and the bathroom is located between the 2 sites. Note, these are the only 2 sites in the campground that has this bathroom set-up. Paved sites tend to be reserved for RVs, but when I am using a tent, I look for RV sites.  I do not “rough it” and my camp kitchen is bigger than what I have at home!

The bathroom was cleaned every morning.  And quite frankly, I am spoiled now.  Cannot tell you how many times I have had to use a communal bathhouse and they get so dirty so quickly.  One tip that I do on camping trips, I bring my own toilet paper.  I cannot stand the industrial paper thin stuff.  In having a private bathroom, I could keep a few rolls in this bathroom without having to worry that it would be “lifted” by other campers.

There is a pool at the campground and it does have a zero entry ramp.  There is also a lift but it was inoperable; I had several issues with the pool during my stay.  First, the ramp did not have a railing if one is able to walk into the pool.  Nor did they have a pool transfer chair to get you to a depth where you could just “float” out of the chair.  I had someone wheel me in using my own wheelchair to the point where the seat met the water and had to get up and walk with assistance which is very difficult.  The staff, who are teenagers, could not answer my questions about the chair lift or a transfer chair.  The only adult I saw was taking money and she didn’t have any answers as well.  The pool was very crowded and they kept closing sections because of chlorine imbalances and finally just closed the pool for 2 hours.

Overall, it was a great camping experience.  I will definitely go again to check out other amenities that may be handicap accessible. Camping Reservations.

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