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Want to take it easy? Just relax? Maybe learn a thing or two? These wheelchair accessible travel ideas can prepare you for leisure travel. Explore different cruises, trips to Hawaii, Italy, the wine country, gardens, and more. 

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New York City: Top 15 Accessible Attractions

Get excited because there are tons of fun things to do in New York City! You can go see a

Portugal: Lisbon Metropolitan Attractions + Activities

The greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area of Portugal has many accessible attractions and activities for those traveling with a wheelchair, so

Maui, Hawaii: Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Paradise!

The Maui Island of Hawaii is THE place where it is 100% acceptable to wear those loud Hawaiian-printed shirts, flip-flops,

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Ancient Native American Sacred Sites

Exploring ancient Native American sacred sites offers a profound connection to the history and culture of indigenous peoples. Here’s a

El Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico

Set against the stunning backdrop of New Mexico’s landscape, El Santuario de Chimayo beckons travelers seeking solace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Lyon, France Travel Guide

Lyon, France is located in the region of France’s Auvergne- Rhône-Alps at the confluence of two rivers, the Rhône and

Idaho: Teton Country Home Rental

In Idaho’s Teton Valley overlooking the Grand Teton Mountain Range surrounded by sagebrush is a beautiful country home rental sitting

Catalina Island Attractions, Ports, and Transportation

  Catalina Island, located off the coast of Southern California, is a picturesque destination known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant

Tourism for All: Portugal Travel

Traveling to Portugal is possible with Tourism for All. Equipped with adaptive tools and accessories, Tourism for All creates accessibility

The Most Beautiful Village in France

If you are in Montpellier, France in the Gorges de l'Hérault Valley, take the 25-mile trip to the picturesque medieval

Versailles, France Wheelchair Accessibility

If you are on holiday in Paris, France for at least a week it is well worth visiting and taking

Red Hill Desert Garden, Utah Guide

The Red Hills Desert Garden is located at Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah near Snow Canyon State Park and

Newman Wetlands Center, Georgia

We hope that each visitor will have the opportunity to not only find a peaceful place to enjoy nature, but

Colorado: Scenic Ride on a Historic Train

In Durango, Colorado, ride on a historic train through scenic mountains. In the winter, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge

Hearst Castle: California State Park

Hearst Castle is a California State Park, located on the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Hearst Castle rests

Valparaíso, Chile Wheelchair Holiday

  In 2018, we traveled to Valparaíso, Chile, a lovely ocean-side city, to celebrate Christmas and New Years with our

5 Best Wheelchair Accessible Beach Vacations

Are you looking for the best wheelchair-accessible beach vacations? During the hot summer days, there’s nothing better than relaxing on

The Big Island, Hawaii

In 2019, we traveled to the Big Island, Hawaii in our manual wheelchairs. We rented a car with hand-controls, went

Berlin, Germany Travel Tips

Traveling can be a nightmare if you are wheelchair-bound. A lot of extra planning unfortunately is still needed especially when

Mexico Ancient Sites + Wheelchair Travel

Mexico is rich with ancient sites that offer a glimpse into its historical and cultural heritage. While some popular sites

Nepal Accessible Trail Trekking

For such a long time, it has not been possible for people who have a physical disability to trek on

Sarasota, Florida Beaches, Culture + Access

Some can’t help but think of the words “paradise vacation” at the mere utterance of Sarasota, Florida. Sarasota is a

USA Botanical Gardens

Stop and smell the roses, no seriously, get outside for some vital vitamin D while enjoying the floral fragrant of

4 New York Broadway Tips for Wheelchair Users

If you’re planning a trip to New York, then visiting a Broadway show or two is a must do. There

Vancouver, Canada Accessible Attractions

I love Vancouver. The sustainable design of the city filled with friendly, diverse people makes it a model city of

Cruising + Cruise Lines Overview

Why take a cruise? Cruising on various cruise lines is one of the most popular means of travel for those who

Montreal, Canada Guide + Tips

The city of Montreal in the Quebec Province is one of the most visited destinations in Canada with lots of

Alaska Wheelchair Travel Tips

Alaska is more stunning in person than imagined, and is a top wheelchair travel destination. The easiest and most wheelchair-friendly

Azores for All Tour

Azores for All is an accessible tour company servicing wheelchair travelers visiting the Azores Islands of Portugal. Ponta Delgada in

New York City: Top 15 Accessible Attractions

Get excited because there are tons of fun things to do in New York City! You can go see a

Portugal: Lisbon Metropolitan Attractions + Activities

The greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area of Portugal has many accessible attractions and activities for those traveling with a wheelchair, so

Capri, Italy Travel Tips

This article is based on a day trip to Capri we took from Naples in May of 2014 and, to

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Wheelchair Travel Tips

The ocean city of Fort Lauderdale on the coast of Florida is a very popular vacation spot, and the gateway

Savannah, Georgia Wheelchair Travel

A rich history mixed with a chic, country lifestyle is why Savannah, Georgia is one of the most popular places

Rome, Italy: Wheelchair Accessible Travel Tips

When I found out my brother had decided to do a destination wedding, I was jazzed: a joyous excuse for

San Francisco, California Travel Guide

San Francisco is one of the hilliest cities in the USA, and it’s still accessible for wheelchair travel! Of course, power wheelchairs

Japan: Accessible Travel Guide Overview

On my Japan wheelchair travel adventure, I spent most of my time in Tokyo, which is broken up into over

Carlisle, Cumbria, England, UK: Dining + Entertainment

When it comes to dining out or having a bite at a cafe, all of the chain restaurants, such as

Nashville, Tennessee Attractions

Nashville, Tennessee, known as “Music City” consists of many different neighborhoods with lots to see, do and eat, especially if

Paris, France: 10 Access Travel Tips

Our family traveled to Paris, France for the first time. We were there for only a couple of days but

Maui, Hawaii: Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Paradise!

The Maui Island of Hawaii is THE place where it is 100% acceptable to wear those loud Hawaiian-printed shirts, flip-flops,

Italy: Sicily Resort + Wheelchair Travel

This SICILY RESORT off the coast of Italy is ta 4-star European resort designed to provide a holiday that is

Australia Gold Coast Accessible Travel Attractions

On the southeastern coast of Queensland, Australia is the beach city known as the Gold Coast and my home. This

Los Angeles, California Attractions + Wheelchair Travel

Los Angeles, known as the “City of Angels,” offers more than just star-studded attractions for wheelchair travelers. However, the city’s

Atlanta, Georgia 3-Day Weekend

At the end of our long Atlanta weekend, I thought, “We didn’t stay long enough.” After three and a half

7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise (Disney Fantasy)

As you may have read in my articles, my wife and I are Disney nuts. Back in 2010 we took the

Stonehenge, England Tips

I grew up with a father who LOVED watching Stonehenge documentaries, so when I went to England the first time,

CA Sonoma Wine Country in the Fall

Witnessing trees changing colors on the East Coast during the crisp autumn months is an attraction all its own, but

New Orleans Access: The French Quarter & Bourbon Street

Let me start by saying that New Orleans is a great place to visit. Great food, people, places to see,

Italy: Pompeii, Naples Archaeological Site

This article is based on a day trip to Pompeii we took from Naples in 2012.  We also went to

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise (Disney Fantasy)

In my Adventures by Disney articles for Germany and 4 day Bahamian cruise, my wife and I are Disney nuts. Back in 2010

Rome, Italy: Complete Travel Guide

This article is based on our trips to Rome, Italy in May/June of 2014 and 2012 with our friends Chris

Saint Louis, Missouri Beer Breweries

St. Louis has made a major impact on beer culture nationally and internationally. Most people hear St. Louis beer and

New Jersey, Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is one accessible beach option in New Jersey, which has much more than just beaches. It

Munich Bavaria, Germany Trip + Tips

Munich Bavaria is a beautiful wealthy first-world town. Everything is thought out and of course “in ordnung” (in order). The

Saint Louis, Missouri Sports, Theater & Entertainment Venues

St. Louis is “The Gateway to the West” but I think everyone should come and stay for a while. The

15 Long Island, New York Attractions

Long Island, New York is full of American history, so what historical attractions are wheelchair accessible? Here’s what you can’t

Lake Powell, Utah Accessibility Travel Tips

Lake Powell is a one-hundred-and-eighty-mile-long man-made reservoir for the Colorado River that attracts millions every year. The majority of the

Germany Travel: Accessibility + Barriers

Germany has always been a country that I have always wanted to see since I can remember. I have been

Santa Cruz Beach Accessible Travel Guide

The City of Santa Cruz, California is located on the beach just above Monterey and below San Francisco. Santa Cruz

Las Vegas, Nevada Wheelchair Travel Tips

Las Vegas, Nevada is a sprawling metropolis in the middle of a desert wasteland. Native Americans originally occupied the land;

Connecticut Shoreline Vacation

If you are looking for a relaxing, wheelchair-friendly weekend on the Connecticut shoreline then look no further than Mystic Seaport.

Amsterdam Wheelchair Travel Guide

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Fortunately,

Tacoma, Washington: Power Wheelchair Tips

Sometimes the unplanned part of travel turns out to be the best. That’s what happened to me this week.  I

Exotic Trip to Cozumel, Mexico to Scuba Dive

As a world-class scuba diving destination, Cozumel, Mexico is an obvious travel destination for divers. However, with its breathtaking beaches,

Pasadena, California Wheelchair Travel Guide

Pasadena, California, located not far from downtown Los Angeles is a vibrant city known for its rich history, cultural attractions,

5-Day Western Caribbean Cruise (Ruby Princess)

I was itching to go on another cruise.  I narrowed my travel search down to two itineraries, a 5-night to either

Ashland, Oregon Travel Tips

Ashland, Oregon is stunningly beautiful. Nestled in a valley, the surrounding hills blanketed in green create a magical place. Home

Toronto, Canada Accessible Travel Overview

Toronto, Canada is a cosmopolitan centre offering culture, shopping, sports, and much to see and do when traveling with a

Hoover Dam Travel Tips + Guide

The creation of Hoover Dam, which aimed to control the Colorado River, was a monumental engineering accomplishment that set a

San Antonio, Texas Trip + Tips

San Antonio Texas is a nice southern part of Texas, two hours from Corpus Christi and two hours from Austin,

Chicago, Illinois Travel Tips

I spent three nights in Downtown Chicago. Every local I spoke to would proudly say, “There’s no place like Chicago

Greece Tour: Holiday Vacation Fun!

The archaeological sites and places of historical interest are an integral part of the country’s identity, as they connect its

Southwest Florida Attraction Tips

I explored Southwest Florida for a few months while I trained for the Paralympics in sled hockey, canoeing, and kayaking.

Florida Affordable Family Fun

I had the opportunity to speak in Jupiter, Florida. I was very excited as it was in February and as

Japan: World’s Best Accessible Toilets

Going to Japan was exceptionally memorable for many reasons, and yet unexpectedly because of the incredibly accessible public toilets. For

Hawaii: Hanauma Bay Beach Park Access Tips

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii itself is a dormant cone volcano crater that long ago, a portion of which the outer edge

Israel Travel: Attractions, Tours + Transportation

Millions of tourists visit Israel these days and among them there are a lot of people with limited mobility. The

Ireland Travel Attractions

If you want something a little different with the friendliest people in the world, come visit Ireland! Cead mile failte

Go It’s Accessible: Portugal Tour Guides

Go It's Accessible is a Portugal nonprofit offering accessible tour services to various attractions around Lisbon (Lisboa) and the greater

Prague, Czech Republic: Visiting + Touring

Bezbatour is the only travel agency in the Czech Republic focused on accessible traveling. We offer our services to everybody

Top 3 Beaches in the Southeast, USA

Is there anything better in the world than relaxing on a beach? The smell of the salty air, the sound

Lisbon, Portugal Travel + Accessibility Challenges

I visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with a friend of mine for a few days. Lisbon is possible to

5-Night Caribbean Cruise (Royal Princess)

I’ve always been fascinated with traveling; mostly by air though as that was my main form of travel when not

Sonoma Wine Country, California: Cabana Pool

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area means having access to some of the most beautiful spots to visit, and

Cruise: Mexico, Belize, Isla Roatan & Cayman Islands

It was a cold day bundled in my down overcoat in New England and I couldn’t count down the hours

Barcelona, Spain Travel Tips

Welcome to Barcelona! In 1992, for the first time in their history, the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in

Maine: Acadia, Portland, Bar Harbor + More

My wife and I decided to escape the July heat and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia, and take off to Maine

Boston, Massachusetts Travel Guide

Touring Boston Come Tour Historical Boston! When it comes to seeing the many historical sites around Boston all one needs

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

The water was so blue I felt like I was gazing at the eternal pool of life. I had come

Albuquerque, New Mexico Accessible Travel Guide

Bienvenidos! Albuquerque lies at the crossroads of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25, on the banks of the Rio Grande River.

Montpellier, France + Wheelchair Tips

  Hello everybody! We are Rudy and Julien, from Lyon, France. We enjoyed a one-week holiday in Montpellier, the most

Visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico and a wonderful place. With 70,000 full-time residents, it charmingly hosts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Peresonal Perspective

When it comes to cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was my first love. I grew up in the suburbs of South Jersey,

San Diego Accessible Travel Attractions Tips

San Diego, California is a premier vacation beach destination, where people from all over the world come to soak up

Charleston, South Carolina Travel Guide

I can still hear them saying “Yes Mam!” In Charleston, South Carolina there is no rush for just about anything.

Italy, Sicily Travel: Accessible Tour

Situated at the southern tip of Italy in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a diverse island of extremes. Its history stretches

Old Town Sacramento, California

In many cities, the “Old Town” section isn’t very wheelchair friendly, but this isn’t the case in Sacremento, California. The

North Lake Tahoe Accessibility Travel Tips

We arrived in Tahoe on a beautiful late summer day and checked into the Hyatt Hotel situated directly on the

South Lake Tahoe Accessible Travel Tips

Whether summer or winter, Lake Tahoe is one of California’s most visited and naturally beautiful destinations. It was referred to

Top 10 Accessible Attractions in the State of Georgia, USA

After living in Georgia for over 20 years, I have taken part in pretty much everything that the state offers.

England: Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Stratford-upon-Avon is set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, on the banks of the River Avon in England, UK.  It is

Yacht Rental in Mediterranean

With architect Hacı M. Hekim, Tunc Tonger has designed a three-story wheelchair accessible yacht to provide the disabled with a

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Wheeling “The Good Land”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a charming Mid-West city along Lake Michigan with a chill vibe of people that love art and

Top 5 England Beaches + B&Bs

England has over 10,000 miles of coastline and plenty of fabulous sandy beaches to explore, but these 5 great beaches are

Ephesus, Turkey Travel Access Review

This visit was part of a ten-day, three-stop, tourist trip to Turkey in April of 2014. I had been to

Istanbul, Turkey Accessible Travel (Review #2)

I think Istanbul is a must-see world destination. The layers of religions, empires, architecture, and beautiful water views, along with

San Francisco: Fort Mason + Great Meadow

Fort Mason in San Francisco, California is a former Army post dating from the Civil War and divided into Upper

4 Scotland Attractions

It’s been in the news a lot recently with the recent referendum on independence, but people often forget that Scotland

Monterey Bay, California: Monarch Grove Sanctuary

Every fall and early winter, thousands of Monarch butterflies travel amazing distances from the northern United States and southern Canada

Birmingham, England Trip Tips

As a cultural melting pot, Birmingham is becoming one of the most popular cities to visit in the UK. When

Natural Bridges State Park Santa Cruz, California

In fall and winter, up to 150,000 monarch butterflies come to Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz from the northern

Palm Springs & Palm Desert Travel Guide

Two hours south of Los Angeles and a day trip away from Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert

Reno, Nevada Weekend by Wheelchair

There is so much to do in Reno, Nevada but most find their way here to gamble at the casinos.

Havana, Cuba Travel Adventure

While there are still restrictions to go anywhere in Cuba, even Havana, it is easier to get there than it

California: Hot Air Balloon Ride

The stars were still out when I awoke. I was still half asleep as I got my things together in

Temecula Wine Country, California

Temecula Wine Country in Southern California is conveniently located about an hour and a half away from Los Angeles, Palm

San Francisco Crissy Field + Fort Point

Crissy Field with Fort Point tucked below the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a scenic spot and delight for

San Francisco Botanical Garden + Events

Have you thought about visiting San Francisco, CA for a weekend vacation or a holiday trip? If not, there are

Napa Valley Train Tour + Wheelchair Travel

  Riding the Napa Valley Wine Train is a unique way to get a brief overview of this famous wine

Malibu, California Travel Tips + Attractions

Malibu, known for its stunning coastal views, is a premier destination for travelers, including those using wheelchairs. Here are some

Santa Barbara, CA Travel Guide + Tips

 Santa Barbara is part of California’s Central Coast and is not only a beach town but a college one

Paris, France Attractions + Tips

Paris is the capital city of France and its biggest town but it is also the world’s number one tourist

Glasgow, Scotland Travel Tips

Glasgow is not Scotland’s Capital City but it is its largest and most cosmopolitan city which provides the traveller with

Long Beach, California Travel Tips

Long beach is about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Long Beach is almost a child of L.A. with a

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is regarded as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and

Cruise 12-Night Eastern Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Turkey + Egypt

There aren’t many cruise itineraries that allow you to visit 3 ancient marvels like the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon

Go-Karts with Hand-Controls, Iowa

Experience real head-to-head racing at Pole Position Raceway and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United

4-Day Bahamas Cruise (Disney Wonder)

My wife and I never thought we would be cruisers. In our minds we always pictured older people on a

Disney World + Campgrounds, Florida

Disney World, Florida is wonderfully accessible. It’s possible to wheel right onto a large percentage of the rides and seating

Barcelona, Spain Wheelchair Tips

Barcelona, Spain has long been seen as a wheelchair friendly travel destination. So how wheelchair and scooter friendly is Barcelona? The

Venice, Italy Travel Tips

Handicapped, wheelchair accessible travel to Venice, Italy is about so much more than just finding a hotel.  Many disabled tourists

Venice Beach, California Travel Tips

Venice Beach is a big tourist attraction for the Los Angeles and a local favorite since it’s a twenty minute

Seattle, Washington Travel Tips

I arrived in Seattle, Washington by ferry, a common way of getting around in this part of the world, and

Europe Cruise: Holland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland & Russia

Looking for a wheelchair accessible European Cruise?  If so, a Scandinavian Itinerary may be the one for you to begin

Sonoma Wine Country Travel Tips

Sonoma County lies in the North Coast Ranges of northwestern California, about an hour away from San Francisco. This part

Half Moon Bay, California Travel Guide

Off California’s Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California is the coastal city of Half Moon Bay in the Monterey Bay

Muir Woods National Monument, California

Strolling through Muir Woods National Monument in Mill Valley, Northern California not far from San Francisco is a space where

Murphys, Northern California Tips

  Murphys, California is a little town tucked in the gold rush country. This town is now more known for

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland is Accessible

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Grindavik, Iceland is one of Iceland’s biggest and unique attractions with about 400,000 visitors

Mendocino, California Attractions + Tips

Mendocino is a small town on the coast of Northern California where the jagged shoreline meets the lush forests filled

Napa Valley Wine Country, California

Napa Valley Wine Country has made itself world famous in the wine industry and is made up of the towns

Santa Monica Beach City

Santa Monica, CA is a vibrant beachfront city in the greater Los Angeles area between Malibu and Venice known for

Californa Beach House Rental

The waves crash against the rocks and the spray leaps to the sky. Each droplet of salty water glistens in

Santa Cruz Mt. Train Ride + Trail

When you think of Santa Cruz, usually it’s followed by Beach Boardwalk and images of California’s coast and the Pacific

Victoria, British Columbia Accessible Travel Tips

I did not have much time in Victoria, B.C. Canada when I arrived. By the time I got to the

St. John, New Brunswick, Canada Travel Tips

When you reach St. John, New Brunswick the ship will dock right in the centre; you’ll be able to see

Cruise: France, Italy + Spain

The Liberty of the Seas is the second biggest ship in the world, just behind the Oasis of the Seas

Cruising on the Celebrity Silhouette

Easy Access Travel was honored to be among the Travel Industry guests invited to sail on a two night pre-inaugural

Austin, Texas Accessible Travel Tips

It really feels Like a Whole ‘Nother Country…(Texas that is). I had a business trip to Austin, Texas this past

My Trip to Paris, France in a Wheelchair

The overnight flight from Houston Intercontinental airport took 8 hours 45 minutes, and left town at 3 pm central standard

Pasadena, California: Huntington Library, Gardens + Galleries

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, California is a private, non-profit institution established in 1919 by

Alaska Cruise and Land Tour Tips

  One of the best accessible cruises is to Alaska, whether using a manual or power wheelchair or scooter.  I

Oregon, McKenzie River: Hot Springs & Gardens

In McKenzie Bridge, Oregon along the McKenzie River is the Belknap Hot Springs, a natural wonder turned into a peaceful

Oregon, Astoria: Coastal Town Access Travel Tips

The town of Astoria, Oregon is one of the oldest and most continuously populated settlements west of the Rocky Mountains

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip

In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the stares fro­m the townfolk in Mexico may take some getting used to, but after a

Disneyland California Wheelchair Travel Tips

I remember the first time my mom and dad took us to Disneyland. I was five. I also remember my

Eugene, Oregon: Visit the King Estate Winery

The King Estate Winery sits on top of a hill in the southwest part of Eugene, Oregon in the beautiful

Washington, D.C. Wheelchair Travel Tips

Wheelchair travelers from all over said that Washington D.C. was one of the most accessible cities in the United States,

Bodega Bay, California Weekend Getaway

Located off Highway 1 about 45 minutes north of the San Francisco Airport is the quaint town of Bodega Bay.

Livermore, California Wine Country

The Livermore Wine Country is located about fifty minutes from San Francisco on the east side of the Bay Area.

Newport, Oregon Day Trip

Newport Beach is a historic part of Oregon’s beautiful coastline. It became a US city in 1906 and is the

Monterey, California Travel Guide

Monterey is one of the ocean cities along Monterey Bay, Northern California with a cool coastal vibe and an emphasis

San Francisco: Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf + Ghirardelli Square

The famous Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf are the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco, so prepare yourself for

London, England Attractions Overview

If traveling to London, plan your top sites to see as there are endless attractions and things to do. Parks

Boudler, CO: Pearl Street Shopping & Dining

For my little sisters graduation I traveled to Boulder, Colorado, a wonderful mountain city with so much do. Nestled against

Camden, Maine Exploring Tips

The town of Camden, Maine is a beautiful North East town with colonial style buildings and an active harbor. The

San Antonio, Texas Holiday Weekend

San Antonio is a wonderfully accessible city! A major draw to the city is the River Walk which follows the

Berkeley, California Travel Tips

Berkeley is more liberal than its neighbor San Francisco across the bay that can be reached by ferry, BART, or

Carnival Glory Cruise Access

So far I have only been on one ship. As I “try” them out I will try to put together

17-Mile Drive: Carmel, Monterey Bay, California

The 17-Mile Drive is a privately owned scenic drive that runs along the coast of the Monterey Peninsula, passing through

Santa Cruz, California: Lighthouse Field State Beach

A popular destination for surfers, bicyclists, and dog walkers, Lighthouse Field State Beach lies south of the Santa Cruz Beach

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California

Pfeiffer Beach, while hard to find, is one of the most popular beach access points in Big Sur. On our

Berlin was Surprisingly Wheelchair Accessible

In 2004, I traveled to Berlin, Germany for 10 days with a friend who proposed the idea because she had

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