Napa Valley Wine Country has made itself world famous in the wine industry and is made up of the towns of Napa, American Canyon, Calistoga, St. Helena, and Yountville.

Shortly after the historic California Gold Rush, some migrated their way to Napa Valley to claim some land and look for gold. A few visionaries recognized the rich, fertile land for growing wine vineyards. Today, wine-making is a billion-dollar business. Some of California’s largest wine-making conglomerates are located here. However, what makes this area special are the small wineries. These quaint tasting rooms have such unique character, which is refreshing compared to the large wine manufacturers.

Take a unique ride on the Napa Valley Wine Train for an overview of the area. Or get serious and look at the ONLY wheelchair accessible full-service tour of the wine country (Napa or Sonoma)–custom to your interests and needs!


Black Stallion Winery is located on the famous Silverado Trail in Napa where many wineries can be found. This Black Stallion has a  sophisticated style. Handicapped parking is right out front with a short distance to the tasting room. Inside the tasting bar has four sides and one of them is lowered for wheelchair access. If you don’t want to hang at the bar then try one of the seating areas on either side of the fireplace.

Castello Di Amorosa is a winery that is replicated to be an Italian castle to the finest detail, including a moat, draw bridge, and torture chamber. There are eight floors above and below ground, which adds to the mystery of the property. Not all the floors are wheelchair accessible but a few are, including the tasting room, so a wheelchair traveler can certainly enjoy themselves

Chandon Winery has a calming scenic setting of old oak trees and a large pond with water features and migrating birds. To access the tasting room and restaurant, a wheelchair traveling has a large incline to face but is manageable with a little muscle.

Duckhorn Vineyards is one of those hidden places that not everyone knows about but is a favorite among regular Napa Valley visitors and the White House. The secret to getting to taste these delicious wines is to make a reservation; otherwise, one can wait for a very long time. Also with a reservation the tasting is free, which is an incentive. The favorite place to enjoy tasting is outside on the large country-style patio but there is also a tasting bar inside with a lowered section. Outside there are long tables for larger parties which is convenient for someone in a wheelchair. For smaller parties higher bar tables are available, which is not ideal for a wheelchair user but doable. With each glass the server pours one gets a card with more details about the wine but the staff is pretty knowledgeable. A single men’s and woman’s restroom is located inside and is large enough for a manual or power wheelchair.

Elizabeth Spencer Winery was the original Post Office building for Yountville right off the corner of Highway 29 and 128. There is a lovely patio for those who want to enjoy the fresh air under umbrellas. There is even a “cabana” in the back for private parties. The Elizabeth Spence Winery is located in an area near a few restaurants and cafes if you wanted to grab something to eat.

Folie à Deux is a very friendly and casual winery with a great picnic area. The bar space is a little small and although there is no lowered area for wheelchair users, it’s not too high. For those on a budget, there is the option to pack a lunch or stop at a local market for food and bring it to Folie à Deux for a perfect picnic setting and wine tasting.

Jessup Cellars is a winery and an art gallery. The wine-tasting bar has a beautiful marble finish and an area that is lowered for the height of a wheelchair traveler.

Ma(i)sonry in Napa Valley is a boutique wine tasting room, representing a number of wineries. There is a unique collection of art and antiques for sale that the owner hand-picks in addition to the wine. Only the first floor is accessible but one can still enjoy the ambiance that has been created. In the backyard of this restored, historic building are 3 seating areas for groups to gather, chat, and of course taste wine. Also outside are restrooms that are wheelchair accessible.

Opus One is a very ritzy winery with only wine varietal of wine. Tasting requires a reservation and is by the glass.

Trefethen Family Vineyards is a beautiful, must-see estate and tasting room. There is a unique charm and excellent wine, which allows the Trefethen Family Vineyards to shine among gems. Wheelchair accessible parking is located right in front and with the whole property being one level, it is easy for a wheelchair traveler to explore. There are a few areas for large parties to taste and food pairings can be arranged if planned. Although the tasting bar is not at a level height for a wheelchair user, there are a number of seating areas nearby, in which the staff will bring the wine-tasting experience to you.

Turnbull Winery & Tasting Room is made up of two tasting rooms. One features Turnbull’s Reserve Wines and is more spacious and artsy than the two. The other tasting bar has a larger bar with a section for a wheelchair user; a handicapped restroom can also be found here. Accessible parking is also available between the two tasting rooms.


The Brix restaurant is a healthy choice and a superb setting for wine-country dining for lunch, dinner, or Sunday brunch. There is a large indoor dining area with lots of window tables as well as patio seating under a covered awning. The menus are seasonally based mainly on what is grown fresh on the property. Everything on the property, including the gift shop is wheelchair accessible.

Solbar is a restaurant and bar that is part of a luxury resort in Calistoga in the Napa Valley. It offers seating outside on the relaxing patio overlooking the pool or inside by the fire and large windows. On a beautiful day, the patio is the ideal choice for dining or just hanging out and having a drink in the outdoor lounge area. Everything on the menu reflects the kitchen’s vision of the finest ingredients, superb technical, and the right seasoning so everything is delicious. The restrooms inside include a large wheelchair accessible stall and sink that one can roll right up to.

The Farmstead restaurant is located at Long Meadow Ranch in St Helena of the Napa Valley wine country. The restaurant is one floor with good space to maneuver around. The property around the restaurant is where many of the organic ingredients on the menu are grown. Everything is fresh is delicious. An accessible restroom is available too. Right in front of the restaurant is a tasting room for Long Meadow Ranch, which is accessible and worth checking out. (Read the description above.)

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