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Lyon, France Travel Guide

Lyon, France is located in the region of France’s Auvergne- Rhône-Alps at the confluence of two rivers, the Rhône and

Tourism for All: Portugal Travel

Traveling to Portugal is possible with Tourism for All. Equipped with adaptive tools and accessories, Tourism for All creates accessibility

Portugal Cobblestones

Traveling to Portugal may be challenging when it comes to navigating over streets and sidewalks made of cobblestones with a

Azores, Portugal Adventure

I always wanted to go to the Azores, so when I was invited to Portugal by Tourism for All, I

The Most Beautiful Village in France

If you are in Montpellier, France in the Gorges de l'Hérault Valley, take the 25-mile trip to the picturesque medieval

Versailles, France Wheelchair Accessibility

If you are on holiday in Paris, France for at least a week it is well worth visiting and taking

Canary Islands Tenerife International Airport

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination for many people. Due to their amazing climate year-round, the Canary Islands

Scotland: The Helix, Kelpies + Nearby Attractions

The Helix is a community outdoor green space with interesting artwork and attractions located in the town of Falkirk, Scotland,

NEYA Lisbon, Portugal Botique Hotel

NEYA Lisboa is a boutique hotel located in an upscale neighborhood just outside the Lisbon City Center, approximately 3 miles

Lisbon, Portugal Waterfront Hotel

Galé Ópera is the second-largest hotel chain in Portugal, and in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera

Switzerland Public Transportation

All European cities may look similar with the splendid architecture and fine cuisine, but they sure differ in their transport

Ireland Wheelchair Accessible Public Transportation

The importance of accessibility for people with disabilities should not be lost on either transportation or information. Indeed, the commitment

Fontainebleau, France Wheelchair Access

For those interested in visiting incredible landscapes and magnificent castles in France, the Seine-et-Marne region is an ideal choice. Located

Scandinavia Wheelchair Friendly Travel Countries

While the northern lights may be the reason most people consider the Scandinavia region when they think of locations for

Renting Adaptive Vehicles in Europe

Adaptive and wheelchair-accessible car renting is rising in Europe as accessible tourism grows and takes shape across the continent, especially

Berlin, Germany Travel Tips

Traveling can be a nightmare if you are wheelchair-bound. A lot of extra planning unfortunately is still needed especially when

Hotel Villa Batalha, Portugal

The Hotel Villa Batalha may be a place to stay that has enough wheelchair access while traveling in Portugal. It’s

Europe Handicapped Toilets + Elevators

Having a universal key to unlock a wheelchair accessible bathroom or elevator in Europe will improve your trip. Many times,

Amsterdam Travel: Wheeling & Transportation

Wheeling Amsterdam Bikes, cobblestones, and steep bridges in Amsterdam? Yep, you can count on it, but there are ways to

Paris, France Getting Around: Transportation + Wheeling

When planning my mum’s (Barbie) visit Paris, France, what worried me the most was how we were going to get

Carlisle, Cumbria, England + Getting Around

Wheelchair Rentals When getting around Carlisle, Cumbria, it depends on what you want to do and where you want to

Germany Transportation

Whether you are a resident of Germany or just visiting, it’s important to know what your accessible transportation options are

Carlisle, Cumbria, England Toilets + Changing Areas

Most accessible coffee shops and chain pubs, like Weatherspoons, Walkabout, Nando’s, Costas, Nero & Pizza Express also have accessible toilets.

Paris, France: Local Experiences + Places

Paris, France  is a wonderful city to visit in every season. If you don’t mind the crowds and heat, then

Carlisle, Cumbria, England Attractions

Carlisle is the only city in Cumbria, the most North Westerly County in England. It is a small city, but

Azores for All Tour

Azores for All is an accessible tour company servicing wheelchair travelers visiting the Azores Islands of Portugal. Ponta Delgada in

Portugal: Lisbon Metropolitan Attractions + Activities

The greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area of Portugal has many accessible attractions and activities for those traveling with a wheelchair, so

Capri, Italy Travel Tips

This article is based on a day trip to Capri we took from Naples in May of 2014 and, to

Rome, Italy: Wheelchair Accessible Travel Tips

When I found out my brother had decided to do a destination wedding, I was jazzed: a joyous excuse for

Malta Island, Italy Travel Tips

Malta off the coast of Italy is a fast-growing tourist destination for European travelers. The country joined the EU in

Naples, Italy Complete Wheelchair Access Guide

Naples, Italy is blessed with one of the world’s most beautiful bays and coastlines, hills rugged and gentle, gorgeous sweeping

Copenhagen, Denmark: Accessible Travel Tips

I went to Copenhagen (CPH) to visit a friend for New Years, but there are many reasons why CPH is such

Italy Train Travel: Wheelchair Access

This article on Italy train travel is based on trips we’ve taken in 2014, 2012, 2009, 2006, 2005 and 2003. 

Carlisle, Cumbria, England, UK: Dining + Entertainment

When it comes to dining out or having a bite at a cafe, all of the chain restaurants, such as

Southern Spain Accessible Property for Rent

Casa Brazos Abiertos in province of Córdoba in Andalucia, southern Spain was awarded superior status because of the quality and the

Spain: Madrid + Barcelona Travel Tips

Local travel company, BCN Accestour   General Tips Hotels: We highly recommend using BCN Accestour for accommodations. Having them make reservations

Salzburg, Austria Travel Tips

Salzburg in Austria has a picture-postcard setting. The city lies next to a river in a valley in the Alps,

Rome, Italy: Family Favorites for Travel

Tyler and I loved Rome! We wanted to see Rome, Italy because of the things we had learned about Roman

Paris, France: 10 Access Travel Tips

Our family traveled to Paris, France for the first time. We were there for only a couple of days but

Music for All: British Accessible Venues

How British Music Festivals Are Gearing Up To Be More Accessible For Wheelchair Users The Brits often refer to the

Spain: Top 7 Accessible Destinations

Spain is becoming increasingly prepared for accessible tourism–tourism for everyone. Enormous efforts are being made to eliminate barriers and provide

Rome, Italy Basic Hotel

Hotel Quirinale is located in a central location to most attraction in Rome, Italy. The Coliseum is about a 15-minute

Italy: Sicily Resort + Wheelchair Travel

This SICILY RESORT off the coast of Italy is ta 4-star European resort designed to provide a holiday that is

Eurostar + Eurail Train Travel by Wheelchair

Our European grand tour by train began at the London Gatwick Airport where we took a city train to the

Carlisle, Cumbria, England Hotels

Budget hotel chains such as Travelodge, PremierInn and Ibis have several hotels in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, and all of them offer

Stonehenge, England Tips

I grew up with a father who LOVED watching Stonehenge documentaries, so when I went to England the first time,

Italy: Pompeii, Naples Archaeological Site

This article is based on a day trip to Pompeii we took from Naples in 2012.  We also went to

Rome, Italy: Complete Travel Guide

This article is based on our trips to Rome, Italy in May/June of 2014 and 2012 with our friends Chris

Munich Bavaria, Germany Trip + Tips

Munich Bavaria is a beautiful wealthy first-world town. Everything is thought out and of course “in ordnung” (in order). The

Germany Travel: Accessibility + Barriers

Germany has always been a country that I have always wanted to see since I can remember. I have been

Berlin, Germany: 13 Accessible Attractions

Berlin is the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany and with its 3.4 million inhabitants it is also

Rome, Italy: Residenza Farnese Hotel

The hotel Residenza Farnese is a great little place located in the middle of Rome, Italy.  Within walking distance to every

Access Barriers to Public Transportation in Denmark

I tried to use the bus for the first time. There is a manual ramp at the back door. I

Greece Tour: Holiday Vacation Fun!

The archaeological sites and places of historical interest are an integral part of the country’s identity, as they connect its

Ireland Travel Attractions

If you want something a little different with the friendliest people in the world, come visit Ireland! Cead mile failte

Go It’s Accessible: Portugal Tour Guides

Go It's Accessible is a Portugal nonprofit offering accessible tour services to various attractions around Lisbon (Lisboa) and the greater

Prague, Czech Republic: Visiting + Touring

Bezbatour is the only travel agency in the Czech Republic focused on accessible traveling. We offer our services to everybody

Lisbon, Portugal Travel + Accessibility Challenges

I visited Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with a friend of mine for a few days. Lisbon is possible to

Sicily, Italy Adventure by Wheelchair

Traveling has always been a big part of my life. So it is no wonder, that after leaving the hospital

Barcelona, Spain Travel Tips

Welcome to Barcelona! In 1992, for the first time in their history, the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in

Montpellier, France + Wheelchair Tips

  Hello everybody! We are Rudy and Julien, from Lyon, France. We enjoyed a one-week holiday in Montpellier, the most

Croatia, Eastern Europe Accessible Hotels and Resorts

Below is a list of hotels and resorts in Croatia, which have 2-5 accessible rooms per property. Accessible features include

Italy, Sicily Travel: Accessible Tour

Situated at the southern tip of Italy in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a diverse island of extremes. Its history stretches

Swiss Alps, Switzerland Adventure

Four parts of the Swiss Alps exist within Switzerland: Schweizer Alpen (German), Alpes suisses (French), Alpi svizzere (Italian) and Alps

London, England Transportation

London’s Underground (The Tube) transportation system is the oldest railway in the world. The other public transportation systems available that

England: Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Stratford-upon-Avon is set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, on the banks of the River Avon in England, UK.  It is

Yacht Rental in Mediterranean

With architect Hacı M. Hekim, Tunc Tonger has designed a three-story wheelchair accessible yacht to provide the disabled with a

Italy Accessible Tours

Accessible Tours throughout Italy TUSCANY TOUR Tuscany is an enchanting place, especially wrapped in autumn colors, when the countryside is

Top 5 England Beaches + B&Bs

England has over 10,000 miles of coastline and plenty of fabulous sandy beaches to explore, but these 5 great beaches are

Spanish Villa Rental on Lanzarote Island

Off the coast of Spain is a small and very unique island called Lanzarote with a Spanish Villa for rent, famous

4 Scotland Attractions

It’s been in the news a lot recently with the recent referendum on independence, but people often forget that Scotland

Birmingham, England Trip Tips

As a cultural melting pot, Birmingham is becoming one of the most popular cities to visit in the UK. When

Croatia Travel Guides + Tips

Croatia is an Eastern Europe country that hugs the Mediterranean turquoise coastline. Many cities are making access improvements for travellers

Italy: Top Attractions + Places to Visit

Italy is one of the most visited counties in the world, and with so much to do and experience, it

Italy Tour + Equipment

Italy is famous for being an ancient and rich country, full of history and masterpieces of art. But have you

Paris, France Attractions + Tips

Paris is the capital city of France and its biggest town but it is also the world’s number one tourist

Glasgow, Scotland Travel Tips

Glasgow is not Scotland’s Capital City but it is its largest and most cosmopolitan city which provides the traveller with

Austria Adaptive Outdoor Activities

The name Freizeit-PSO stands for “Freizeit Para Special Outdoor Sports” because we want to approach people that are physically and

Cruise 12-Night Eastern Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Turkey + Egypt

There aren’t many cruise itineraries that allow you to visit 3 ancient marvels like the Colosseum in Rome, the Parthenon

London, England: Palmer’s Lodge Hillspring

I made my first trip to London where I stayed at the Palmers’ Lodge Hillspring, which is located in Willesden,

Barcelona, Spain Wheelchair Tips

Barcelona, Spain has long been seen as a wheelchair friendly travel destination. So how wheelchair and scooter friendly is Barcelona? The

Venice, Italy Travel Tips

Handicapped, wheelchair accessible travel to Venice, Italy is about so much more than just finding a hotel.  Many disabled tourists

UK Great Outdoors Activities

A trip to the United Kingdom is probably incomplete without enjoying some of the wonderful unspoilt landscapes, and there is

3 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Destinations in the World

Travelling the world is a must-do for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and usually, the restricting factors are

Europe Cruise: Holland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland & Russia

Looking for a wheelchair accessible European Cruise?  If so, a Scandinavian Itinerary may be the one for you to begin

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland is Accessible

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Grindavik, Iceland is one of Iceland’s biggest and unique attractions with about 400,000 visitors

Cruise: France, Italy + Spain

The Liberty of the Seas is the second biggest ship in the world, just behind the Oasis of the Seas

My Trip to Paris, France in a Wheelchair

The overnight flight from Houston Intercontinental airport took 8 hours 45 minutes, and left town at 3 pm central standard

Iceland: Accessible Travel Tips

When arriving at the Keflavik Airport (about 50 km or 31 mi from Reykjavik) the surroundings may seem like you

London, England: Kensington Palace

No visit to London England would be complete without a visit to a palace, and Kensington Palace is a good

Tuscany, Italy Vila Rental

  I Girasoli is located in Lucignano, Italy in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, a few kilometers from Arezzo,

Road Trip from the UK to France

Contemplating your next adventure? Traveling by car from the UK to France you will discover some beautiful sights and landmarks

London, England Attractions Overview

If traveling to London, plan your top sites to see as there are endless attractions and things to do. Parks

Italy: Top 25 Experiences

On my first visit to Italy with my wheelchair, I visited the places that I had always heard about: Milan,

Rome, Italy Accessible Travel Tips

The eternal city is not famous for its accessibility, but a lot of work has been done in the last

Rome, Italy Apartment for Rent

  This wheelchair accessible apartment is located in the heart of Rome, Italy just an easy five-minute walk from the

Portugal Accessible Villa for Rent

Whether you’re traveling with family, a partner, or friends, come and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in our adapted and accessible

Salzburg, Austria PDF on Wheelchair Travel

The city of Salzburg in Austria has created a detailed wheelchair access guide to attractions, transportation, hotels, and more.

Berlin was Surprisingly Wheelchair Accessible

In 2004, I traveled to Berlin, Germany for 10 days with a friend who proposed the idea because she had

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