Adaptive and wheelchair-accessible car renting is rising in Europe as accessible tourism grows and takes shape across the continent, especially in Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, and Scandinavia. There are several major museums, galleries, and attractions with accessible viewing points and ramps to aid the movement of disabled people. In addition, several hotels and restaurants cater to the needs of handicapped and wheelchair travelers across Europe. 

Like everybody else, people with limited mobility also enjoy the fun and independence that comes with traveling. Of course, being handicapped hinders you from many things already, but it shouldn’t hinder you from traveling if you love to. However, before you start to plan your next trip across Europe, one thing that you must work out is your mode of transport. 

Car renting is a common way for travelers to navigate their way around new cities. You can enjoy the same too, even as a handicapped if you travel to a country or city where handicapped car renting is a common feature already. 

Thankfully, there are wheelchair-accessible vehicles across many European countries and cities. This means that you can easily access and rent wheelchair-accessible vehicles that are user-friendly, secure, and safe. Many of the companies offering this service also have well-trained staff that will help you find the right handicapped car rental for you. In the UK, for instance, companies may allow the collection and delivery of wheelchair-accessible cars for hire across the mainland. 

You must find the right kind of wheelchair-accessible vehicle to accommodate you and other passengers if you aren’t traveling alone. Ensure to communicate with the hiring company whether you want a large mini-bus or a small family-sized car. Some of the features that you expect to see in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for hire are:

  • Lowered floors
  • Lightweight wheelchair ramps
  • Diagonal and lap seat belts for seated and wheelchair passengers
  • Wheelchair restraint system

Tips for Renting in Europe

You’ll find companies that offer car rentals for handicapped and wheelchair users across Europe. However, irrespective of your company choice, here are some tips for handicapped car renting in Europe.

  • Make sure that the vehicle insurance fully covers the particular impairment that you have.
  • Carefully inspect the car before signing for it and check for scratches and marks that you must note down. 
  • some companies allow you to drop off a vehicle at a different point from the place you picked it from. Ensure to ask the company questions about whether or not they allow this and other questions for the sake of your convenience. 
  • If you’re traveling in a group and you plan to drive for long journeys, you may as well pay the extra sum so that other members of the traveling group can take the wheel. This will allow you to rest. 
  • Check the measurement and space within the car for a wheelchair. This will help to avoid disappointments or incur extra pick-up costs. You must consider the size of your wheelchair before you hire a vehicle. 

Europe Rental Companies

  • Handynamic: Provides wheelchair-accessible van rentals all around Europe. 
  • Wheeliz in France has adaptive cars for rent.
  • Avis: Provides disability vehicles across the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • Paravan (Avis Affiliate) in Germany had a wide range of vehicles and adaptive driving equipment.
  • Hertz in Sweden is the only company that provides hand-controls to drivers.
  • Enterprise: Provides disability-accessible vehicles across the UK.
  • Adaptive Vehicle Hire (AVH): Located in the United Kingdom, specializes in renting adapted cars, including wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
  • The Jummbulance is a wheelchair-friendly and accessible bus for large parties, including multiple wheelchairs.
  • Accessible Spain has a variety of adapted vehicles available throughout Spain.
  • Mobility Ireland: Provides rental services, and hires vehicles, in Ireland, including hand-controls.
  • Greece has accessible rental options with a driver, which is great for touring.


Some countries and cities offer accessible travel for disabled travelers and wheelchair users. These are the cities that you must target for your European journey. However, it is essential that you also check and confirm that there are handicapped car renting services in these cities. This will make your travel more comfortable as you will be getting a vehicle that fulfills your mobility needs.

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