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SE Queensland, Australia Wheelchair Van Rentals

As an independent provider of disability and aged care services in Australia, we recognize the importance of flexible and individualized

The Big Island, Hawaii

In 2019, we traveled to the Big Island, Hawaii in our manual wheelchairs. We rented a car with hand-controls, went

New Zealand Travel Overview

When planning a trip, explore both the New Zealand North Island and the New Zealand South Island. The North Island

New Zealand South Island Travel Tips + Guide

The New Zealand South Island is filled with parks and natural beauty. It is far less populated than the New

New Zealand North Island Travel Tips + Guide

  New Zealand is a beautiful country, home to a population of 5 million people and 26.7 million sheep. Traveling

New Zealand Adventure Story

 Overwhelmed by New Zealand; the beauty, the grandeur, the force, and its rejuvenation. I am overwhelmed by the souls

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Tips + Guide

Melbourne in Victoria, Australia is a wonderfully diverse and green city worth visiting. This travel tips video will help explain

Melbourne, Australia Transportation + Getting Around

Melbourne is the capital city of the state Victoria in Australia. It is the southernmost city on the Australian mainland

New Zealand Unexpected Adventure of Survival

  “Yep, I’m alive. Check. Not bleeding. Check. Nothing seems to be broken. Check. I’m fine,” I said to myself.

Te Anau, New Zealand: Lakeside Inn

The Radford Inn on the Lake is located in the Southland Region of New Zealand in the town of Te

Redefine Fitness Podcast: Episode #91

  December 19, 2021: Ashley Lyn Olson from comes back for another episode of wheelchair traveling to tell a

CripChat Australia

On March 4, 2022, host of CripChat Australia, Jonathan Shar, interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from CripChat Australia is produced

Barwon Heads, Australia Home Rental

Most likely, your two main priorities when choosing an accessible holiday will be finding the right accommodation and being able

Breeze Mobility Australia Retailer + Rentals

Breeze Mobility Australia is an Australian mobility aid retailer. Their product range includes lightweight folding wheelchairs and wheelchair travel accessories

Bali Beach Wheelchairs for Rent

  Taking a vacation or holiday to Bali or some other nearby island? Bali Beach Wheels are sole distributors of this

New Zealand Mobility Rentals Service

Moving On Mobility Service in Queenstown, New Zealand has equipment for hire or rent for both long-term and short-term use.

Australia Public Transportation Tips + Guide

Australia has had a national disability act for decades. Commonwealth Government’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport

Australia Taxis Overview

Australia has a long history of providing taxis for those with disabilities. Way back in the 1980’s Australia saw the

Maui, Hawaii: Wheelchair Accessible Guide to Paradise!

The Maui Island of Hawaii is THE place where it is 100% acceptable to wear those loud Hawaiian-printed shirts, flip-flops,

Sydney, Australia Accessible Transportation Options

The beautiful state capital of Sydney, Australia offers something for every kind of tourist, whether it be for a thrill

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Access Guide

In Hawaii, the locals refer to the volcanoes that makeup Hawaii National Park as the ‘Āina a ke akua I noho

Australia Gold Coast Accessible Travel Attractions

On the southeastern coast of Queensland, Australia is the beach city known as the Gold Coast and my home. This

Australia Gold Coast Accessible Transportation Options

The Gold Coast of Australia is a popular holiday destination and world-famous for its beaches and beautiful weather. It is

New Zealand Accessible Vehicle Rentals

Freedom Mobility in New Zealand offers over 200 wheelchair accessible vehicles for rent with offices located in Aukland and Queenstown.

NSW Australia Accessible Hotels

New South Wales in Australia offers the savvy traveller easy access to breath-taking natural treasures and one of the world’s

Australia Gold Coast Home Rental

Australia is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit and the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland

Hawaii: Hanauma Bay Beach Park Access Tips

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii itself is a dormant cone volcano crater that long ago, a portion of which the outer edge

Sydney, Australia: Blue Mountains Accommodations

A few wheelchair accessible lodging options are located in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. I have stayed at all

Sydney, Australia Best Accessible Attractions Tips

I should probably declare from the outset that I am biased because Sydney is my home town and I love

AccessSurf Hawaii

AccessSurf is a non-profit organization in Hawaii that offers therapeutic adaptive aquatic instruction to individuals, families and wounded military personnel.

Hawaii: Sheraton Maui Resort + Spa

I absolutely adore Hawaii! More specifically, the island of Maui. Every year, I always try to get away with my

New Zealand Wheelchair Travel Tips

When you arrive in New Zealand, the airports provide ground staff to assist with boarding and disembarking. Air bridges at

Travel New Zealand by Wheelchair

New Zealand is a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation, and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers

Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Maui, Hawaii

This is a beautiful, modern resort with a veritable zoo inside displaying penguins, flamingos, parrots, and more.  The atrium is

3 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Destinations in the World

Travelling the world is a must-do for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, and usually, the restricting factors are

Tasmania Travel Tips

With its distinction as the world’s most rugged island, Tasmania is not exactly the place you would put first on

New Zealand Vision Impaired Biking Tour

Aotearoa, New Zealand was the chosen location for a tandem biking adventure for a group of three blind and vision-impaired

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