With its distinction as the world’s most rugged island, Tasmania is not exactly the place you would put first on the list of accessible travel destinations. Handicapped travellers of the world might shy away from Australia’s southernmost region, mainly because of images of disheartening weather, steep cliffs, and frozen valleys. Despite that, the island is also home to fauna and flora that are endemic – a diverse wildlife that rivals those of the Amazon and Asia. Amid all of these natural beauty, a wide selection of accommodations and destinations are gracious enough to provide service to wheelchair travellers. 

PWD Assistance and Groups

A handicapped organization called the Paraquad Association of Tasmania has been at the forefront of the campaign promoting access for disabled travellers in the region for many years now. For starters, they have published a booklet called ‘The Wheelie Good Guide to Tasmania’ that encompasses most areas in the island such as the Central Highlands, Hobart, the Devil’s Playground, the Huon Valley and Launceston. 

Dining Destinations

One of the reasons why Tasmania is perfect for a vacation is because of the food, so are great suggestions on where to have your tasty Tasmanian meal and all three suggestions have separate bathroom stalls for wheelchair diners

Saffire Freycinet: The hotel has all-around wheelchair access, one of the most comprehensive out of all we have seen in the past. Commendable service and excellent food. 

Henry Jones Art Hotel: This stunning building not only comes to the best selection of wines, it also has great facilities for wheelchair individuals that would allow them to visit and dine otherwise inaccessible areas with great views. 

Retro Café: Located in front of the breezy wharf near Hobart, this café offers the most delicious bagels and salads. A breakfast here is definitely a great way to start a day in the land down under. . 

Accessible Outdoors

Lyell Highway: Proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the views on either side of the road are breathtaking. The dirt roads and narrow paths are all accessible by wheelchair travellers because they are all soft and have little obstruction. 

Lake St. Clair: This picturesque lake becomes a great backdrop for a long, relaxing walk around the area. It seems like the parks administration of the state has done a great job on creating a generally wheelchair-friendly parks system in Tasmania. Lake St. Clair is no different; there are plenty of handicapped-oriented services like restrooms, wheelchair access roads, ramps and other accommodations specifically designed with wheelchair travellers in mind. 

Narawntapu National Park: The main facilities of the Narawntapu (located north of Westbury) are all wheelchair friendly, including barbecue stations and picnic groves. All restrooms are located conveniently near the common areas and are accessible to wheelchair travellers. 

*Explore all the wheelchair accessible trails in Tasmania National Parks


Salamanca: A list of Tasmania’s most authentic markets is incomplete without the famous Salamanca market. It opens 8:30 in the morning and closes at 3 pm. 

Axemans Makers Market: Opening every Sunday in Latrobe’s Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame, this bazaar showcases Tasmania’s best crafts and fruit. The best deals on this market are definitely the fresh honey and jam. 

*Although not specifically stated, most of the facilities in Latrobe have wheelchair access, and Salamanca has separate restrooms for handicapped visitors. 


One winery resort with the most distinct fully enabled handicapped facility is the Domaine A Stoney Vineyard located at 105 Tea Tree Road in Campania. Additionally, you might be lucky and chance upon classical music concerts that happen once in a while at Stoney. 

Hotels with Roll-In Showers

Here is a list of PWD friendly hotels with roll-in showers for your reference: 

  • Country Club Villas (Prospect Vale)
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston
  • Aspect Tamar Valley Resort (Grindelwald)
  • Hotel Charles (Launceston)
  • Balmoral on York (Launceston) 
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