When traveling to a new destination, know how you are going to get around. Will you be using your own vehicle or renting one? Public transportation like trains, subways, taxis or boats will vary in wheelchair access everywhere you go. Will you be wheeling the city at all? Don’t get stranded, prepare your mobility. 

Switzerland Public Transportation

All European cities may look similar with the splendid architecture and fine cuisine, but they sure differ in their transport

Ireland Wheelchair Accessible Public Transportation

The importance of accessibility for people with disabilities should not be lost on either transportation or information. Indeed, the commitment

Renting Adaptive Vehicles in Europe

Adaptive and wheelchair accessible car renting is rising in Europe as accessible tourism grows and takes shape across the continent,

Drive with Digital Hand Controls

The following is a sponsored post by Kempf adapts handicap vehicles with digital car hand controls, electronic left foot gas

Berlin, Germany Travel Tips

Travelling can be a nightmare if you are wheelchair bound. A lot of extra planning unfortunately is still needed especially

5 Train Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users

The past couple of decades have seen a vast improvement in the accessibility of the modern world for those who

Airplane Travel with a Disabled Child

Is it safe to fly? Before planning a trip that includes travel on an airplane, talk to your child’s doctor

New Zealand Adventure Story

 Overwhelmed by New Zealand; the beauty, the grandeur, the force, and its rejuvenation. I am overwhelmed by the souls

Southwest Airlines: Why I Fly

It’s no secret, I fly Southwest Airlines whenever possible, which is currently restricted to the USA, but I’d fly international

Melbourne, Australia Transport: Getting Around

Melbourne is the capital city of the state Victoria in Australia. It is the southernmost city on the Australian mainland

Redefine Fitness Podcast: Episode #91

  December 19, 2021: Ashley Lyn Olson from comes back for another episode of wheelchair traveling to tell a

Amsterdam Travel: Wheeling & Transportation

Wheeling Amsterdam Bikes, cobblestones and steep bridges in Amsterdam? Yep, you can count on it, but there are ways to

GOGO Charters Chicago

[box] SPONSORED CONTENT: This article was written by or on behalf of one of our advertisers, who paid a fee

National Charter Bus Chicago

[box] SPONSORED CONTENT: This article was written by or on behalf of one of our advertisers, who paid a fee

Sand Helper: Power Beach Wheelchairs

Sponsored Content. Sand Helper builds and rents battery-powered beach wheelchairs that are four-wheel-drive and can transport users to and from

Travelling on Trains in Japan 2019

As previously shared by Ashley, Japan has a great train system that allows you to travel throughout the country with a

Getting around Paris with a Wheelchair

When planning my mum’s (Barbie) visit to Paris, France, what worried me the most was how we were going to

Tokyo, Japan Accessible Taxis

With the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics and the aging population, accessibility has become much more of a hot topic in Tokyo, Japan

Carlisle, Cumbria, England: Getting Around

Wheelchair Rentals When getting around Carlisle, Cumbria, it depends what you want to do and where you want to go.

Germany Transportation + Wheelchair

Whether you are a resident of Germany or just visiting, it’s important to know what your accessible transportation options are

Friendly Shoes for All Abilities

The following is a sponsored post. I’ve been adapting to life, sometimes in extreme ways, since I became paralyzed when

Bali Beach Wheelchairs for Rent

  Taking a vacation or holiday to Bali or some other nearby island? Bali Beach Wheels are sole distributors of this

Accessible RV Motorhome

Winnebago has 3 different RV motorhomes that are wheelchair friendly and are available for purchase. Now you can have the

Capri, Italy: Wheelchair Access Travel Tips

This article is based on a day trip to Capri we took from Naples in May of 2014 and, to

New Zealand Mobility Rentals Service

Moving On Mobility Service in Queenstown, New Zealand has equipment for hire or rent for both long-term and short-term use.

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