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An organized, wheelchair accessible tour is a great way to see a new destination without having to do too much work, especially if you are traveling to an international country. These tour companies make travel accessible.

Portugal Travel + Tourism for All

Traveling to Portugal is possible with Tourism for All. Equipped with adaptive tools and accessories, Tourism for All creates accessibility

Azores for All Tour

Azores for All is an accessible tour company servicing wheelchair travelers visiting the Azores Islands of Portugal. Ponta Delgada in

Go It’s Accessible: Portugal Tour Guides

Go It's Accessible is a Portugal nonprofit offering accessible tour services to various attractions around Lisbon (Lisboa) and the greater

Vumbua Africa Tours + Safaris

Vumbua means “Discover” in Swahili, and at Vumbua Africa, we welcome you to discover the cultures, beauty, and diversity of

Glacier Bay, British Columbia Sea Adventure

It’s always a bit risky taking a journey to a remote destination where accessibility may be in question.   But seven

Mexico Travel: Tours + Tips

People come from all over the world to soak up the sun in Mexico year-round. Besides the turquoise waters, warm

Morocco Accessible Travel Tour

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants believe that exploring the world should be for all people. Regardless of ability or limitations. From

Thai Travel Tour Company

Thai Senior and Disabled Travel Co., Ltd., is a tour operator and travel consultant for accessible tourism in Thailand, with professional

Vietnam Accessible Tour

Roll in Asia is bringing accessible travel to Vietnam! Roll in Asia is the 1st travel agency specializing in accessible vacations for

North India Accessible Tour

Roll in Asia is opening the doors to North India for all travelers. Roll in Asia is the 1st travel

Spain: Top 7 Accessible Destinations

Spain is becoming increasingly prepared for accessible tourism–tourism for everyone. Enormous efforts are being made to eliminate barriers and provide

Japan Wheelchair Accessible Taxi + Tour

    We love traveling too! Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo will drive you anywhere you want to go, from a short distance

Latin America for All: Wheelchair Tours

Latin America for All is a tour operator that offers accessible tours through the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, Highlands and Amazon of

Morocco, Africa Travel + Accessibility

Welcome to Morocco! Only 9 miles from the European coastline, leaving by plane or ferry you are instantly in a

Québec, Canada Snowmobiling Tour

A snowmobiling holiday tour with Artic Adventure are usually seven days, six nights with four-days of snowmobiling guaranteed in the

Amazon + Galapagos Tour in Ecuador

Ecuadorians are a mix of native and Spanish people, which they call themselves “mestizo.”  The mestizo are a kind and

Greece Tour: Holiday Vacation Fun!

The archaeological sites and places of historical interest are an integral part of the country’s identity, as they connect its

Prague, Czech Republic: Visiting + Touring

Bezbatour is the only travel agency in the Czech Republic focused on accessible traveling. We offer our services to everybody

Nepal Tour: A Dream Destination

Nepal and the magnificent Himalayas of our country is considered one of the best destinations to travel on Earth. Living

Italy, Sicily Travel: Accessible Tour

Situated at the southern tip of Italy in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a diverse island of extremes. Its history stretches

Tour Ladakh, India with a Wheelchair

Welcome to Ladakh, India! Barren majestic mountains reach out to the sky entwined with prayer flags fluttering in distant monasteries;

South Africa Safari Tour

In South Africa, Epic Enabled offers an exciting 8-day (7 nights) wheelchair accessible safari through Kruger National Park with a

Italy Accessible Tours

Accessible Tours throughout Italy TUSCANY TOUR Tuscany is an enchanting place, especially wrapped in autumn colors, when the countryside is

GoAfrica Safaris Tour

Together we at GoAfrica Safaris have over 30 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. It has been

Italy Tour + Equipment

Italy is famous to be an ancient and rich country, full of history and masterpieces of art. But have you

Sail the Sea + Adaptive Sailing

Have you ever felt like being in a wheelchair was limiting your choice of holidays? Have you ever wanted to

Vision Impaired Biking Tour in New Zealand

Aoteaoroa / New Zealand was the chosen location for a tandem biking adventure for a group of three blind and vision

Africa Safari Hunting Tour with a Wheelchair

One of the first things staring me in the face when I found out I was going to Namibia was

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