Staying Overnight

Tips + Advice

Travel overnight somewhere with your wheelchair. These tips assist in preparing for sleeping away from home. For places to stay and rent, please see the menu of wheelchair accessible accommodations

Challenges of Unregulated Bed Heights

While much progress has been made in making public spaces and accommodations accessible to all, one often overlooked issue in

Staying Overnight + Wheelchair Access

What makes a place accessible for overnight trips? I’m talking about access to the obvious like beds and showers as

Building a Wheelchair-Friendly Bathroom

If you are someone who uses a wheelchair, or are building a bathroom to make less traveling problems for those

A Quad’s Perfect Hotel Room

This letter was emailed to and asked to share with the rest of the wheelchair traveling community. There is

Hotel Questionnaire: Accessibility Inquiry

Dear Sir/Madam: My [    ] and I will arrive in [         ] on [            ] and depart on [           ].

Flying, Car Rentals + Booking Hotels

I love to travel! As a software developer in the aerospace business, there have been times in my career when

RV (Recreational Vehicle): Wheelchair Travel

An accessible RV can open a whole new world of travel and adventure for people with mobility problems. RV traveling

5 Wheelchair Travel Problems

I don’t know about you, but I am a passionate traveler. I visited more than 30 countries worldwide and still

Manual Wheelchair Travel Tips

Attitude is Everything: Not only be open to the new things that come your way whether cuisine or access features

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