Dear Sir/Madam:

My [    ] and I will arrive in [         ] on [            ] and depart on [           ]. We will stay for [       ] nights.

I use an [electric/manual] wheelchair that is [[  ] centimeters ([  ] inches)] wide.  I am unable to walk at all.   My [     ] is not disabled.  We would like a non-smoking room with one large bed.  We have the following questions about your hotel:

  1. Do you have any specially equipped (adapted) wheelchair accessible guest rooms? If not, please disregard the other questions.  Thank you and we would appreciate a recommendation of hotel in the area that does have specially equipped (adapted) wheelchair accessible guest rooms.

If you do have specially equipped (adapted) wheelchair accessible guest rooms, we have the following questions.  Please answer even if you are fully booked for the requested time, because we are interested in your hotel for the future.

  1. Is it necessary to go up or down any stairs in order to get from the street entrance to the guest room? Does the building have an elevator?  If so, how wide is the elevator door and what are the interior dimensions of the elevator?
  2. In the bathroom, is there space for a [ ] cm wide wheelchair on one side of the toilet? What is the width of the doorway into the bathroom?  What is the height of the toilet?  What is the size of the shower?  Can a wheelchair roll into the shower?  Are there grab bars near the toilet and shower?
  3. Are all the doorways in the room at least 75 cm wide?
  4. What is the size of the room? Does this include the bathroom?
  5. Was the building renovated recently?

Also, could you email some photos of the bathroom and the bedroom.

Please quote a rate.

Thank you very much.  We really appreciate any help you can provide.

Very Truly Yours,

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