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News Coverage and founder, Ashley Lyn Olson, have been featured in the following news and media,
sharing about the world of accessible wheelchair travel and tourism in general.

Everyday Buddhism Podcast Interview

Everyday Buddhism Episode #73, Wendy Shinyo Haylett interviews Ashley Lyn Olson about her book Confined to Align and her spiritual

New Mobility Magazine: July 2022

New Mobility Magazine, July 2022 features U.S. road trips and includes an article by Ashley Lyn Olson from about

New Mobility Magazine: June 2022

In June 2022, Ashley Lyn Olson is featured in New Mobility Magazine issue focusing on spiritual practices. Olson shares an

Life Transformation Radio

On Life Transformation Radio, host Rob Actis interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from about accepting your life and the path

Able Outdoors Podcast

  On December 23, 2021, Chad Waligura from Able Outdoors interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from on his podcast about

MindSet by Dave

  On this episode of The Mindset By Dave Podcast I am joined by Ashley Lyn Olson from Ashley’s

The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Episode #248 on the Mindset Athlete Podcast: James Roberts interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from on the power of controlling one

Stoic Solutions Podcast

On Episode #102 from Stoic Solutions Podcast, host Justin Vacula speaks to Ashley Lyn Olson from about her first

TB Media Group Interview

November 22, 2021: TB Media Group presents Lift You Up Inspiring Health Stories, and on Episode #76 Tamika Bickham interviews

Redefine Fitness Podcast #86

November 15, 2021: Redefine Fitness Anthony Amen from the health + fitness show Redefine Fitness interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from

World Paris Radio: Right to Write

August 27, 2021 On World Paris Radio, author Tendayi and host of the “Right to Write,” interviews Ashley Lyn Olson

New Mobility Magazine

New Mobility Magazine: April 1, 2021 Available online and in print, Ashley Lyn Olson from writes about her experiences

Travel + Cruise Industry News Podcast

Wheelchair traveler, Chillie Falls, interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from on his podcast “Travel and Cruise Industry News” on Martin

Cerebral Palsy Sunrise

Jaime Ade from Cerebral Palsy Sunrise interviews Ashley Lyn Olson live on Facebook about wheelchair travel on September 21, 2021.

Define Yourself Podcast

The mission of DefineYourself is to inspire, motivate and empower individuals to overcome any challenge, obstacle, adversity, limitation or setback

From Monsoon Paralysis to Business Owner

Nour Negm, located in Cairo, Egypt, has created a show called Free Correction for IELTS and interviews Ashley Lyn Olson

Accessible Travel Talk Show

August 2020 The Accessible Travel Talk Show: Episode 5 In this episode of The Accessible Travel Talk Show, John Morris

Traveling the World in a Wheelchair

In May 2021, Kenneth Edmonds interviews Ashley Olson from about her adventures traveling with a wheelchair. His YouTube Channel

Conversations with Creative Women

August 11, 2020 When it comes to living her life, nothing seems to stand in Ashley Lyn Olson’s way. At

Christopher + Dana Reeve Foundation: Accessible Travel

Christopher + Dana Reeve Foundation My Journey: Accessible Travel  Life After Paralysis  May 18, 2020 Ashley Olson shares her journey

Write Reflection

The Write Reflection features Ashley Lyn Olson from in the 2021 winter newsletter. Accomplished author, Shari Berg, writes a

Captivated Reader Blog

The blog Captivated Reader reviews the nonfiction book Confined to Align: A Journey to Wellbeing by Ashley Lyn Olson from

Redefine Fitness Podcast: Episode #91

  December 19, 2021: Ashley Lyn Olson from comes back for another episode of wheelchair traveling to tell a

Positive Exposure Connect

Positive Exposure (501c3) promotes a more inclusive world through award-winning photography, films, exhibitions, lectures and educational programs. In October 2020,

CripChat Australia

On March 4, 2022, host of CripChat Australia, Jonathan Shar, interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from CripChat Australia is produced

POD Save the Rest of Us: Wheelchair Jedi

January 21, 2019 Pod Save the Rest of Us is a women-ran podcast creating a more aware public though a

Wheelchair Travel Talk with the Experts (Audio Interview)

Ashley Lyn Olson of is recorded in an audio interviewed by Franklin Elieh of the Patterson Network Project about

NM Magazine: Mexico’s Yucatan

NM Magazine: Jan 2016, Volume 27 Number 268, Pages 14-18 This issue of NM Magazine features an article by Ashley

Hindustan Times Newspaper: Special Service

Hindustan Times Newspaper in Mumbai, India October 13, 2015: Page 8 Author Sneha Mahale explores travel for people with special

NM Magazine: National Parks

New Mobility Magazine: October 2015, Pages 28-36 This cover story formally announces the start to #Access2Parks Project by Ashley

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Webinar

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, August 2015 The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation presents Adapting Life with Candace, a

Able Outdoors Magazine

Able Outdoors Magazine: June/July 2015, Volume 1 , Pages 40-41 This first edition of Able Outdoors Magazine features an article by

National Geographic: Accessible Travel

National Geographic: June 2015, Pages 156-160 National Geographic Magazine reports on accessible tips and resources for travel in the UK,

PN Magazine: Utah’s “Mighty Five” National Parks

PN Magazine: March 2015, Volume 69 Number 3, Pages 34-39 This cover issue of PN Magazine features an article by

Power to Change Podcast: Wheelchair Travel Adventures

The Power to Change Podcast 53: November 13, 2014 The Power to Change brings you inspirational stories from people who have transformed

AAA World Magazine: A World Without Barriers

AAA World Magazine: August 2014, Pages: 57-60 Rebecca L Rhoades interviews Ashley Lyn Olson from about her world travels

NM Magazine: Colors of California

New Mobility Magazine: August 2014, Pages 20-24 This New Mobility Magazine featured article includes information and trips about accessible travel

PN Magazine: Exploring Our World, A Day in Ecuador

PN Magazine: July 2014, Volume 68 Number 7, Pages 24-27 This issue of PN Magazine features an article by Ashley

Revista Reação: Interview with a Wheelchair Surfer

 Revista Reação: April 2014, Pages 26 & 28  This Brazilian magazine for people with disabilities features an interview conducted by

New Mobility Magazine: Fearless Flying

New Mobility Magazine: April 2014, Pages 28-35 This Cover Story features a few different articles with tips about flying on

New Mobility Magazine: Get an Accessibe Hotel Room

New Mobility Magazine: November 2013, Pages 18-22 This New Mobility Magazine feature article includes many travel tips on booking accessible

Sports N’ Spokes Magazine: What a Rush

Sports N’ Spokes Magazine: November 2013 Volume 6, Pages 13-16 “What a Rush” is an article about three people who

PN Magazine: Exploring Our World, Gliding High

PN Magazine: May 2013, Volume 67Number 6, Pages 22-23 This issue of PN Magazine features an article about flying a

PN Magazine: Journey to Japan

PN Magazine: March 2013, Volume 67 Number 3, Pages 44-48 This cover story features a segment about the travels adventures

Sierra Star Newspaper: Magical Experience

Sierra Star Newspaper: Thursday, December 13, 2012Volume 56, Number 7, Cover Page and A8 Tiffany Tuell of the Sierra Star

Ashley Lyn Olson from is featured on as an SCI Superstar, and she talks about her spinal cord

Tokyo Podcast: Traveling in Japan by Wheelchair

Tokyo Podcast 47: October 7, 2012 This particular Tokyo Podcast features an interview by Anthony Jon with Ashley Lyn Olson

Life in Action Magazine: Travel SoCal

Life in Action Magazine: January 2012, Page 34 Laura Kaminker wrote an article about an interview with Ashley Lyn Olson

PN Magazine: Ride the Skies (Hot Air Ballooning)

PN Magazine: September 2011, Volume 65 Number 9, Pages 43-45 Ride the Skies is about soaring above the California wine

Able Outdoors: Healthy Traveling Tips

Able Outdoors Online Magazine: August 2010, Pages 17-18 This cover story features Healthy Wheelchair Traveling Tips for the body and

Traipsin’ Global On Wheels Interview

Traipsin’ Global On Wheels: #58 Podcast Ming Canaday on her platform to inform and advance disability rights/advocacy work interviews Ashley

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