Ashley Lyn Olson of is recorded in an audio interviewed by Franklin Elieh of the Patterson Network Project about tips that address the most important questions about wheelchair accessible travel. The interview is broken up into the following 6 series, each about 10 or 15 minutes long.

1. Why travel? Why report on traveling? Here’s a look on why Ashley started 2. Leisure or Adventure Travel: What kind of travel experience are you looking for 3. Public & Private Transportation: Explore the options and the barriers to public and private transportation for wheelchair travelers for destinations worldwide. 4. Air Travel and Other Options: How does a wheelchair traveler get to a destination? Learn about air planes, trains, and other ways of getting there. 5. Hotels, Motels and other Sleeping Accommodations: What is this all about for the wheelchair traveler. 6. Caregiving: What’s possible now? How to plan a trip with a caregiver and more.

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