Tourism for All: Portugal Travel

Traveling to Portugal is possible with Tourism for All. Equipped with adaptive tools and accessories, Tourism for All creates accessibility

Accessible Kayak Launch Locations

Kayaking is a great outdoor water activity! Accessible kayaking is growing throughout the United States. With adaptive equipment and launching

Travel Companions + Caregivers

I enjoy traveling solo, but sometimes I want or need a travel companion, depending on where I am going and

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Portugal Train Travel

Wheelchair Access on Train Lines in Portugal Portugal offers several train services that cater to travelers with mobility needs, providing

The Algarve, Southern Portugal + Wheelchair Travel

The Algarve Region is located in Southern Portugal and is a favorite beach vacation area for locals and travelers. It

10 Best Accessible Cruises Worldwide

Cruises offer a unique travel experience with the convenience of accessible accommodations, dining, and entertainment all in one place. Here’s

Challenges of Unregulated Bed Heights

While much progress has been made in making public spaces and accommodations accessible to all, one often overlooked issue in

Santa Barbara, California Beaches

Santa Barbara, CA is known for its beautiful coastline and has made efforts to ensure accessibility for all visitors. These accessible

Santa Barbara, California Transportation

Navigating Santa Barbara, California with a wheelchair is made easier with several accessible transportation options. Santa Barbara provides a range

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Friendly Shoes for All Abilities

Introducing Friendly Shoes. I’ve been adapting to life, sometimes in extreme ways, since I became paralyzed when I was fourteen-years-old.

ADAPTS: Portable Transfer Sling

ADAPTS ensures those with mobility impairment are not waiting for rescue in a panic situation to escape down stairwells, narrow aisles

All Wheels Up

All Wheels Up currently is the only organization in the world crash testing wheelchair tie downs and wheelchairs for commercial

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