Portugal Travel

Traveling to Portugal is possible with Tourism for All. Equipped with adaptive tools and accessories, Tourism for All creates accessibility

Travel Companions + Caregivers

I enjoy traveling solo, but sometimes I want or need a travel companion, depending on where I am going and

Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Resources List

Hard of hearing or vision-impaired? A wheelchair user or slow walker? Fibromyalgia, MS or spinal-cord injury? None of these should

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Inclusive Cycling International

Inclusive Cycling International is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing adapted cycling to the world. Since 2016, Inclusive Cycling International has

SE Queensland, Australia Wheelchair Van Rentals

As an independent provider of disability and aged care services in Australia, we recognize the importance of flexible and individualized

Yellowstone National Park + Limited Time

While visiting the Grand Teton National Park, we decided on an overnight adventure in Yellowstone National Park, since they are

Lyon, France Travel Guide

Lyon, France is located in the region of France’s Auvergne- Rhône-Alps at the confluence of two rivers, the Rhône and

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Teton National Park is located in west Wyoming about forty minutes from Idaho and just south of Yellowstone

Interview: Ashlee Lundvall + Bow Hunting

The following is an interview with bow hunter Ashlee Lundvall. Ashley Lundvall was paralyzed in 1999. Today, Lundvall is a

Extra Finds

Friendly Shoes for All Abilities

Introducing Friendly Shoes. I’ve been adapting to life, sometimes in extreme ways, since I became paralyzed when I was fourteen-years-old.

ADAPTS: Portable Transfer Sling

ADAPTS ensures those with mobility impairment are not waiting for rescue in a panic situation to escape down stairwells, narrow aisles

All Wheels Up

All Wheels Up currently is the only organization in the world crash testing wheelchair tie downs and wheelchairs for commercial

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