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Japan Travel if Deaf or Hard of Hearing

“I learned to trust myself and to leave behind the societal beliefs about deaf people traveling. I am deaf, and I

Nepal Accessible Trail Trekking

For such a long time, it has not been possible for people who have a physical disability to trek on

Seoul, South Korea by Wheelchair

My wife and I visited Seoul in South Korea on the third leg of a 3-stop tour of Asia.  We

Taipei, Taiwan Visiting Tips

My wife and I visited Taipei, Taiwan recently on the first leg of a three-stop tour of Asia.  Since I

Thai Travel Tour Company

Thai Senior and Disabled Travel Co., Ltd., is a tour operator and travel consultant for accessible tourism in Thailand, with professional

Thailand Travel: Manual Wheelchair Access

I am a T2 paraplegic and I travelled through Thailand for two weeks in a manual chair with my boyfriend,

Vietnam Accessible Tour

Roll in Asia is bringing accessible travel to Vietnam! Roll in Asia is the 1st travel agency specializing in accessible vacations

Japan: Accessible Travel Guide Overview

On my Japan wheelchair travel adventure, I spent most of my time in Tokyo, which is broken up into over

North India Accessible Tour

Roll in Asia is opening the doors to North India for all travelers. Roll in Asia is the 1st travel

Vietnam: What to Expect & Travel Tips

I choose to travel to Vietnam on a whim. I wanted to go to Southeast Asia and I had heard

Japan Wheelchair Accessible Taxi + Tour

    We love traveling too! Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo will drive you anywhere you want to go, from a short distance

Krankin’ thru China

Krankin’ thru China was established in 2013 by two Americans and their Chinese friend in an effort to enhance physical

Japan Train Travelling

As previously shared by Ashley, Japan has a great train system that allows you to travel throughout the country with a

Tokyo, Japan Accessible Taxis

After the 2020 Olympics/Paralympics and the aging population, accessibility has become much more of a hot topic in Tokyo, Japan

Nepal Travel Accessibility Review

I had a familiarization tour of Nepal organized by Four Season Travel and Tours of Kathmandu with my wheelchair. Major

Japan: World’s Best Accessible Toilets

Going to Japan was exceptionally memorable for many reasons, and yet unexpectedly because of the incredibly accessible public toilets. For

Nepal Tour: A Dream Destination

Nepal and the magnificent Himalayas of our country is considered one of the best destinations to travel on Earth. Living

Accessible Timeshares for Rent Worldwide

Want to get away? More and more resorts are now offering many wheelchair accessible accommodations to choose from, but selecting

Tour Ladakh, India with a Wheelchair

Welcome to Ladakh, India! Barren majestic mountains reach out to the sky entwined with prayer flags fluttering in distant monasteries;

China Travel Barriers + Possibilities

An image of a wheelchair engraved on a stone dated as early as 5000 years ago was found in China

China Vacation Accessibility Tips

I would like to share some of my wheelchair experiences while on vacation in China with my wife.  First, let

Thailand Holiday Travel Guide + Tips

I’m a 46-year-old Danish man with a spinal cord injury who lives in Thailand for about six months per year.

Japan + Visiting Attractions

When traveling to a different country most people will plan each day where multiple attractions can be seen, which is

Japan Transportation Options

Train Travel Train travel is the most popular way to get around Japan and for a tourist using a wheelchair,

Japan Journey: What an Adventure!

It was hot and humid. Beads of sweat were rapidly racing down my back and face. The sound of semi

Kyoto, Japan: Mitsui Garden Hotel Accessibility

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo in Japan is a mid-ranged-price hotel on a small side street. The Kyoto subway is

Kyoto, Japan: Hearton Hotel

Hearton Hotel is a mid-priced hotel in Kyoto, Japan on a small side street in a very central location, surrounded by

Kawasaki, Japan: Tyoko Inn Budget Hotel

Tyoko Inn is a budget business hotel located all over Japan and in some cities, multiple can be found. I

Tokyo, Japan: Keio Plaza Hotel

In the beautiful country of Japan, the Keio Plaza Hotel is located in the Tokyo region of Shinjuku near the

Thailand Wheelchair Accessible Minivan and Driver

Since 2005 I have been traveling to Hua Hin and Bangkok in Thailand. I have been returning every year during

Empathy and Irrational Temples

I’m back from an amazing vacation to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Humanity as a whole needs to learn a lot

Vietnam Accessible

Vietnam Accessible by offers tours, transports, and other assistance for visitors with disabilities and their companions. 

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