We love traveling too! Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo will drive you anywhere you want to go, from a short distance to months long trip if you wish! Based is in the Tokyo area, so some conditions are required, but it’s possible to go all over Japan.

About the Accessible Taxi Shuttle

  • The van has 5 seats + 2 wheelchair (Maximum capacity).
  • The lift can hold up to 250kg/550LB so most wheelchairs would be loaded.
  • When 2 wheelchairs are loaded the space inside is very tight, but it is still capable.
  • Genuine seat belts for each person, the chair will be locked by wires from the floor, so they are very fixed and solid.
  • The second seat of the vehicle is a bench seat, 2 normal type and 1 flat spare seat.
  • The most luxurious one is on the back, there is only one seat but it is next to a wheelchair person so that they can chat easily.
  • It’s recommend limited the van to 4 people including 1 wheelchair person for long distance travel, estimating that each person would have 2-3 suitcases.
Additional Medical Equipment 
A stretcher and reclining wheelchair may be provided. Travelers from overseas probably won’t require these, only people living in the Tokyo area might need these to go to the hospital etc. Also, the vehicle carries AED (automated external defibrillators) in case needed.
Extra Help
When needing extra help, it’s there. Someone can push the wheelchair, transfer you from the wheelchair to bed, search accessible toilets for you, recommend good restaurants for you, make complaints to the hotel in Japanese for you, tell you how to use chopsticks and eat sukiyaki etc etc, anything you can rely on your travel helper from Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo.
The only thing Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo can’t help with is booking hotels for you, sadly, it is a legal thing; only travel companies are legally capable.
Cost + Fees
The fee is totally based on the plan and what kind of care you need. Oshidori-Shuttle Tokyo is a taxi that uses the meter system, but if it is within a certain boundary then it may be set as an hour rate. When the plan is set, then we should be able to give you a quote.
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