This letter was emailed to and asked to share with the rest of the wheelchair traveling community. There is a big difference between what a person needs if using a manual and electric wheelchair. Here’s what one traveler has come up with that is the perfect room for those in power chairs. 


To whom this may concern,

I wanted to pass along information that most management/owners of hotel/motels do not know or understand about the word HANDICAP.

Most hotel/motels go by State rules that cover the bare minimum.

A paraplegic is able to transfer from a wheelchair into bed or bath stool or another chair on their own.  They are paralyzed from the waist down. This is what most State Laws cater to. A quadriplegic can NOT transfer on their own.  They are paralyzed from the neck or chest down and need a Hoyer LIFT that their caretaker must operate to transfer them from/to their wheelchairs. A LIFT must be carried with them if they travel and stay overnight anywhere.  It is very difficult to pull/push around on carpet.

The PERFECT room for a quadriplegic would be as follows:

1.  No carpet on the floors.  Tile as in bath is ideal as it’s hard to move a wheelchair and a LIFT around on carpet.

2.  Roll-in bath large enough for both caretaker and the quadriplegic.  A five foot by five foot is ideal for shower chair that must be traveled with.

3.  Don’t need a lot of furniture in room.  Need more room to move around in the wheelchair.

4.  Bed MUST be on a regular frame ‘off the floor’ so the legs on a LIFT can go under the bed.

5.  This PERFECT ROOM will be on the ground floor so as to exit in case of fire or other problems that might occur.

Thank you,
Russell Essex

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