Murphys California is a small town about 3 hours east of San Francisco. There are a few places to stay, Murphys Suites Hotel, which is right off of highway 4, is the most popular because of the location.

The hotel is within walking distance to the historic downtown where most the restaurants and shopping are. There is a restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel that I would highly recommend you go to the restaurant even if you don’t stay at the hotel. The hotel itself does not serve food, just vending machines and Hostess donuts in the morning.

The hotel is pretty small and only has a few ADA rooms. We needed the roll in shower room and they first gave us one with a bathtub, so we demanded for the roll in shower which we had reserved. We ended up in the room with the roll in shower. The room had 2 twin beds but you could only fit your wheelchair around one of the beds. The beds were at a good height for easy transfers.  One of the beds is near the window. The bed was so close to the wall, to reach the curtains you have to get on the bed. The curtains also did not have the proper handles. The rooms come with a full length mirror. There was a tad to many chairs in the room for my taste, but luckily the room is large enough to move them around and out of the way. There was also a lack of accessible power outlets. The room had some flaws, but it got the job done for the weekend.

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