Antlers RV Park and Campgrounds is located on Shasta Lake in Northern California in the small town of Lakehead. It is conveniently located off of Highway 5 so a great spot to stop for the night while on a road trip. Being near Highway 5 means that there is a little road noise for some campers but not all since it is a big property. An active train is also not too far away.

There not much to do that is wheelchair accessible at the campground besides camp, including making it down to the lake. The front office has no special adaptions, like a lowered counter but the staff is very courteous and helpful. When you check in be sure that you get the key for the wheelchair accessible restroom and shower. This is an excellent feature to keep those who do not need it out. The most wheelchair friendly bathroom is by the children’s playground, a popular hangout spot for young campers. It is overall quite spacious. The toilet has grab bars, there’s a roll-up sink and angled mirror and an almost roll-in shower with hand-held nozzle. Though I couldn’t technically roll in the shower I could roll right up to the flip down bench and transfer. For many people with a disability this will work just fine.

Right next to the bathroom is a paid laundry room but a gate blocks access for those using wheelchairs. The area around this bathroom is a part of the RV Park but no matter how you camp, you can have the closest spot available if needed (see map). Parts of pathways around the campground are dirt or partially paved with holes and cracks so look where you are going, especially at night. A semi-paved pathway takes you around to some of the grounds where others campers are hanging out. Usually, at some point everyone makes at least one round trip. On this path you can get little glimpses of the lake. The campsite I used did not have a paved platform or any other accessible features besides an ADA picnic table. 

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