Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants believe that exploring the world should be for all people. Regardless of ability or limitations. From personalized tours to adaptive camel saddles, we think differently. We create differently. Discover Morocco with us through a different perspective – yours.

One of the biggest attractions to Morocco is its rich culture which developed over many centuries. Much of this Maghrebi mystique is discovered down the narrow winding streets of its imperial cities like Fes and Marrakech. Fes definitely has the preserved authentic cultural experience while Marrakech boasts a wide range of activities, greater accessibility due to the flat landscape and a better selection of hotel chains that offer predictable accessible accommodations.

Beyond the Moroccan core of the four Imperial cities lie the rugged Atlas Mountains and the golden dunes of the majestic Sahara Desert to the East and the beautiful beaches of Agadir and quaint seaside towns like Essaouira.

Regardless of where you choose to travel in Morocco, the food is always a highlight with flavorful Tajines and exotic spices. Abundant hand-squeezed orange juice and the ever changing selection of fruits in season all year bring a fresh note to an already exotic experience no matter what time of year you choose to travel in.

Why use Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants? As American citizens living in Morocco we offer you a unique advantage—we bridge both worlds. With Jeremy’s background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy we offer a deep understanding of access and limitations. With Erik’s extensive experience in the Arab world we bring skill necessary to increase awareness in the Moroccan hospitality industry to give you a better holiday experience and invaluable cross-cultural communication. We make sure that your accessibility needs are communicated clearly in a country that operates in Arabic and French.

We understand what people in North America and Europe expect when they talk about accessibility AND we are also aware of what Morocco ACTUALLY has to offer because we live here and have the ability travel and research extensively. Someone might claim that the Tanneries in Fes are accessible, but what they mean is that they will go so far as to carry your wheelchair up three flights of narrow, uneven stairs so that you can enjoy the view from the balcony. While some people may find this type of over-the-top hospitality delightful, others will understandably give a resounding “NO!” to the claim that such a place is accessible. We help set realistic expectations and plan accordingly for a safe yet exhilarating trip.

We are also passionate about how accessibility in tourism has a direct impact on increased accessibility for Moroccans with disabilities. How exciting that your holiday and our business can have a tangible impact on quality of life for many Moroccans that have been limited for so long.

  • We provide comprehensive holiday consulting services for multi-day tours of Morocco, day trips and shore excursions.
  • We arrange accessible transport.
  • We rent mobility equipment.
  • We offer trained assistants.
  • We are available to you on tour 24/7 by phone to troubleshoot any unlikely issues that arise.
  • We consult on unique situations from advising Riads on accessibility upgrades to helping a language student with a disability with various aspects of getting set up for a year-long, study-abroad experience.

Planning a trip to an international destination is an exciting, albeit a bit daunting, endeavor. Let us take the stress out of the process. We are your best source of on-the-ground information and practical help as you make dreams a reality. At MAT we are ready to serve you, by handling the logistics of your holiday and reducing the often overwhelming guess-work of international travel, so go ahead! Dream big and make your time in Morocco the trip of a lifetime!

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