Come to Ghana, West Africa if you are confident and adventurous! Ghana is a very welcoming and accepting culture, and the people at the apartments of Legassi Gardens want to share their country with you. If traveling with a wheelchair, visitors with a light-weight wheelchair will be able to enjoy Ghana. Some places in and around Accra, the Capital of Ghana, have access, or more often than not, access can be created. So it’s a good attitude to not rule anything out! Here are some things to do and see in Ghana, which can all be arranged by Legassi Gardens Apartments: 
  • Aburi, Eastern Region (Home to Rita Marley): Try wood carving and make local crafts at the carver’s village; then on to explore the stunning Aburi Botanical Gardens while grounds keepers explain the medicinal uses of these tropical plants; audience with local Chief and discover the history of the area, including the Jamaican influence in education and religion.
  • Village Life: Get in tune with the heart of Africa by spending a day with a family on an organic farm in one of the many villages just on the outskirts of Accra and experience real village life. Pound fufu or make palm oil. Watch in awe at the intricate hand movements involved in weaving baskets or fans, and then give it a go! Help prepare your own meal from produce grown on the farm. 
  • Visit the U.N. World Heritage Site of Cape Coast Castle (video camera extra fee), and be guided expertly through the history of this painful past. There is much to explore in this historic site, so take your time. It can be quite overwhelming and you will have many many questions.
  • Accra at Night! This is when Accra really comes alive and there are many local spots for eating, drinking and dancing. You might even take part in a ‘Bless the Mic’ contest where you can show your flow! This is also a great time to see some of the sites, including the Independence Square, and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Gardens.
  • Blessings/Healings: Get your traditional blessing or be named by a local priest. Come to know who you really are, and find a place of reconnection with the ancestors. The privately arranged ceremony will be fully explained to you, giving you a deeper insight into the customs and traditions that were left behind…
Legassi Gardens Apartments in Ghana, West Africa offers offers private, accessible rooms with a full-service staff. Since it is located in the pleasant residential area called Pokuase, Legassi Gardens Apartments is an ideal place to stay for visitors who prefer to relax and mingle with the locals; instead of staying in the cramped, noisy and overpriced centre of Accra, Ghana’s capital. There is a new shopping not too far away at Achimota Mall.

Property Features

  • The property is enclosed with outside seating in our private garden, and there’s a convenience store serving food and drinks and playing music.
  • Staffing Services (included): cleaning, laundry and gardening, although ‘tipping’ is standard. So you will have more time to relax and see Ghana. 24-hour security is provided by live-in staff within the compound.
  • On-site ‘Ital’ Vegetarian/Afro-Vegan Café; and ‘convenience stores’ for food and provisions to make your stay more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • Wireless internet access on your laptop is available free from your apartment or patio, and in the café and around the gardens.
  • A stand-by generator, and constant water supply from our own private bore-hole water source. The water from our taps is filtered ‘mineral water’. Also, the generator can be on for up to 4 hours a day when light is off, or longer if specially requested and arranged with guests. Some apartments also have solar power, and we are working to provide this for all apartments.
  • Transportation: Airport pickup via a minibus is a service offered by the Legassi Gardens for convenience and security (free pickup with a 7-night stay). We collect guests in our minibus which has an electric ramp for wheelchair access. The minibus is suitable for one wheelchair only,  but the fixed seats can be removed to accommodate two wheelchairs. The minibus driver can be hired for excursions, or if you have a lightweight folding wheelchair, you can use Uber to reach sites in the town and beyond.

Apartment Features

  • The wheelchair accessible apartments has two bedrooms, a sitting area, basic kitchenette, bathroom and shower, and outdoor patio. A ramp with handrails from the parking area to the apartment.
  • A ramp to access the garden in the backyard. 
  • The shower has a grab-bar, shower chair and a hand-held shower nozzle.
  • The toilet has a grab-bar.
  • Doors are not the maximum width, but you can still move around the apartment.
  • Kitchen counters are low, and everything can be reached for cooking.
  • The sitting room seating is low, and everything is accessible when seated.
  • If needed, there can be immediate alterations to facilities to improve access.  
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