Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most diverse cities in the world along with the friendliest people. Accessibility is an issue but with proper planning, lots of fun can be had.

There is so much to do in a day, that it’s best to keep your eye on the weather and plan your time accordingly. Wine routes to Table Mountain, there is something for all to enjoy and do within an hour’s drive of each other. Cape Town is the only place on the planet where the warm and cold ocean currents meet at Cape Point. Up both the east and west coasts are beaches beloved by surfers. Therefore, choose the destination that suits you best. The destination is no issue as most places are 30 minutes apart.

Cape Town and the famous Table Mountain has so many viewpoints to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Take a cable car up to the top and see the entire area from the beautiful city bowl to the vast Cape flats. The view from above is spectacular, to say the least. Getting up in your wheelchair is a breeze but better take assistance when reaching the top. The rocky paths that are not level are not ideal for a motorized chair. There are restaurants and shops on the mountain that are accessible. The Cape Town Cable car is a tourist must. The top of the mountain is easy to navigate with a motorized wheelchair but assistance is required at the top as not all areas are level.

On the Constantia side of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is world-renowned for some of the most beautiful flower arrangements in the world. It’s a day trip to explore these majestic local habitats that would keep families occupied. With summer concerts from weekend to weekend in summer, it’s a perfect destination to distress and enjoy nature. Manual wheelchairs would require assistance but certain aspects are perfect to just relax and enjoy the environment. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens has won the Chelsea Flower show most years. The gardens are spectacular in showing off Cape Town’s Fauna and Flora. Access to the entire garden is not possible but certain areas do cater. Accessible toilets are on site.

Whilst visiting the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, it’s very evident that just a drive along the beach fronts and to Cape Point is more than just satisfaction. Tour groups do these trips daily and it’s something the weather always encourages. Driving to or enjoying Cape Point is an excursion of amazing views. To see where the Indian meets the Atlantic oceans is only possible at this location. It’s a sight not to be missed and the family could enjoy a meal while absorbing the views. Camps Bay is the ideal beach for wheelchair users. Grass banks and walkways allow for easy access. There is no path to the beach front as yet but work is being done. There is a mall or hotels nearby for accessible toilets.

Having the luxury of two ocean currents is but one perk, the other is the endless beachfront to enjoy and occupy. Please ensure accessibility and care from the harsh sun is taken. From the False Bay coast to the Melkbos Strand stretch, beaching is amazing with a fair share of shark alerts luckily it’s monitored and safety ensured when staying alert to lifesavers. Camps Bay Beach closely compared to Miami for its beauty is another beach attraction that needs to be seen and enjoyed. Most beaches have walkways for wheelchair access. Parking is always provided along the beach. Access to the water with wheelchairs for swimming should be implemented in the not too distant future.

More Travel and Access Tips:

  • Quality hotels all around the Western Cape ensure traveling experiences are well enjoyed. Hotels need to be contacted beforehand to ensure wheelchair visitors are catered for. Please ensure your travel agent queries access for wheelchair visitors. The area is not to be spent indoors though as you lose its beauty and wildlife. Traveling inland, just an hour’s drive from Table Mountain, zoos and wildlife parks can be enjoyed. All zoos and parks have areas for wheelchair access but again this is determined by the type of zoo or park you visit.
  • Contact tour companies for this experience and may there be availability for the tour you seek.
  • Town infrastructure is pretty poor for accessibility. Pavements, walkways, or public buildings are not very easy to get into with a wheelchair. Our transport system is not that great. If we do not source the proper service provider, public transport will not be accessed easily. When going out it’s best to contact the place you going to frequent to query if you can be catered for. Accessible and inclusive environments are new terms to business and Capetonians, hence all plan the trip to ensure a safe happy journey. Wheelchairs in general are not very easy to get around without assistance.
  • Most individuals living in the Cape Town area in wheelchairs use their own transportation. On the odd occasion, if available, certain service providers allow for wheelchairs transport around the ‘Mother City’.
  • In the event of medical assistance, Cape Town is equipped to handle emergencies. If the emergency staff is aware of the person’s requirements with regards to their impairment is another issue. Please always keep detailed needs in your passport or self to ensure you are treated as required.
  • Caregivers are a need for wheelchair users of Cape Town. Individuals do live alone but it’s on rare occasions.
Rida Desai (1 Posts)

Home is where the heart is!! Having travelled throughout South Africa, I realised we have a truly remarkable country. Sadly, this has been as an abled person. My new experiences has seen me need assistance as I go along but the beauty is still the same. I prefer the outdoors as I live in the most picturesque and beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town is my backdrop and launching pad for every mission I conquer. I'm an disability activist by day and social butterfly by night. Let's plan an outing and have the fun of our lives

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