Vumbua means “Discover” in Swahili, and at Vumbua Africa, we welcome you to discover the cultures, beauty, and diversity of Africa. We are accessibility advocates—working with local companies around Africa to provide information that creates inclusive opportunities for travellers and locals alike.

With Vumbua Africa, trips to Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Morocco, and Egypt are 100% customized to fit your travel needs. We do not provide set itineraries but rather speak to all our clients individually to discuss the kind of trip they are interested in and what their specific requirements are. We then design an itinerary around them or the group.

Vumbua Africa is conservation-orientated–focusing on contributing significantly to environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, and the restoration of biodiversity on every trip. In addition, we are members of the Global Alliance of National Parks and the “Born to Live Wild” campaign. We have over thirty-five years of experience living in Africa and working with people with various accessibility needs, and these life experiences came together in a desire to promote travel for all to the continent we love. Our first-hand experience, careful attention to detail, and an unquenchable passion for all things Africa ensure that we deliver the best holiday every time.

In Africa, there is a great generosity and willingness to help those with disabilities, but alongside this, action must be taken to add features that will make independent accessibility the norm. Vumbua Africa is dedicated to working with hotels and lodges as well as safari and tour operators to promote and develop the necessary changes to ensure our travelers can enjoy the full experience. We remove frustrating adaptations that have not been fully thought through or fail altogether and then implement improvements. Often, a simple change goes a long way, but this doesn’t necessarily make a property or vehicle accessible to all. We encourage our partners to advertise their available accessible features to give travelers the means to decide if something meets their needs or not.

We are helping to pioneer responsible and inclusive tourism across Africa.–Keith and Clare, Vumbua Africa

Tours + Safaris

Depending on the type of tour/safari you choose, Vumbua Africa can provide mini-buses that accommodate 4-8 people or Toyota Land Cruisers that can take up to 6 people. The number of wheelchairs in each vehicle will depend on type and size.

What makes Vumbua Africa the right company to choose for accessible holidays in Africa?
1) All vehicles used on our tours/safaris are specially adapted for accessible travel.
2) All accommodation is pre-vetted beforehand.
3) All tours/safaris are gently paced, perfect for all abilities.
4) Our care teams will be there to support you as much or as little as you need.
5) Mobile hoists are also available on certain tours/safaris and in certain countries.

Safari Tour Excursions Examples

  • In Cape Town, explore a range of activities like the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, a boat ride to Robben Island, shopping and restaurants at Victoria & Albert Waterfront, plus a boardwalk stroll to view the African Penguin colony.
  • Safaris are available in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Here you will get a chance to see the Big 5 and a range of other African wildlife. Africa is also well known for its varied and extensive bird life. Boat trips on the Okavango are also accessible and available in Botswana. When out on Safari, medical emergency evacuation is available.
  • Beach holidays are available on the Island of Zanzibar, Kwa Zulu-Natal South Africa, and Kenya.
  • Cultural trips to local villages can also be arranged in most of the countries we have on offer (COVID-dependant).
We never tire of the sound of the African bush. That cacophony of noise brings a whole new dimension to a dawn chorus and has to be experienced to be believed. A safari is on a lot of people’s bucket lists but how many people with disabilities believe that it is possible for them? Having a disability need not stand in your way.– Vumbua Africa Traveler
Reaching the mouth of the Okavango in the North, we took a Mokoro boat (traditional dug-out canoe) ride to a lower down in the panhandle of the Delta. We enjoyed the tranquility of the river. And bird life is prolific: egrets, Saddle-billed Stork, cranes, and scarlet-crested sunbirds to name a few. Although we did not see much game, the boat ride was peaceful and Zen-like.– Vumbua Africa Traveler
With the right mindset and attitude, you can achieve your dream.– Vumbua Africa Traveler
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