If you are on holiday in Paris, France for at least a week it is well worth visiting and taking a day trip to see the Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles). The Palace of Versailles, selected as a UNESCO World Heritage site and “Monument Historique,” is one of the world’s most esteemed monuments.  

The palace is the elaborate concept of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. Decorated to personify royal excess, Versailles features 700 rooms, plus the Versailles Gardens (Jardins de Versailles), which abound with walkways and fountains. No visit to France is complete without experiencing the magnificence of the Chateau. From the dazzling Hall of Mirrors to State Apartments, the Palace brings you back in French History. Displaying more than 60,000 collected artworks, at the Palace and Gardens of Versailles you will experience the richness of one of Europe’s most glorious royal residences

It’s hard to fathom how the extravagance of Versailles was part of everyday life for the kings and queens. It is an incredible experience to discover the beautiful salons and rooms where they lived. You will end the day in a state of amazement after exploring the sprawling gardens. Everything is on such a vast scale, and you can only wonder at the fortune of the Royal Family.


Get there early before doors open at 9 am, to enjoy the beauty without the crowds. The atmosphere at the castle is hectic, as it is crowded with many tourists trying to get in. 

The entrance to Versailles Palace is accessible at the main gate of the square. About 650 feet of cobblestones are between the main gate and the Palace, but once past this point, there is a pedestrian path that continues through the center of the Honour Courtyard.  At the Honour Gate, proceed to the entrance for priority visitors that includes people with disabilities. 

Admittance is free for you and a companion if you present a certificate, such as a mobility card. An accompanying adult as well as the disability card holder can have free and priority access to the Palace and the Estate of Trianon. An official statement from a doctor, in either French or English, can also be used for free admission.

Tour Accessibility

A very informative audio guide is available for visitors, and benches are located in the reception and museum areas. Elevators lifts serve all levels of the Palace of Versailles as well as the Gabriel Pavilion. However, there is no elevator at the Trianon Palaces; only the ground floors are accessible.

After you finish the audio tour of the Palace of Versailles, then go to the Trianon Palaces, and on the way, see the stunning and immense French and English Gardens, which are about a mile away from the Palace. Due to the distance and sandy pathways of the gardens, it’s advisable that guests with wheelchairs take a ride on Les Petits trains de Versailles. These mini-trains are free and used to leisurely transport guests to and from these buildings, and include space for a wheelchair.  

A limited number of classic manual wheelchairs are available to tour around, free of charge, at the Palace of Versailles, Gabriel Pavilion, and Petit Trianon. Wheelchairs cannot be booked in advance, nor can they be used outdoors in the gardens or Grand Canal. Instead, get around the spacious grounds by renting one of the six electric vehicles that are equipped to transport a passenger in a wheelchair. Reduced rates are provided for people with disabilities upon presenting proof of eligibility. Visit the website link to book, phone at + 33 01 39 66 97 66 or email stel78@wanadoo.fr.  

Restaurants + Restrooms

Restaurants within the Palace complex are accessible to wheelchair users.  There are many places with quality food that is not over-priced. Accessible toilet facilities are available at various locations around the Palace and in the reception areas. All the toilets are accessible, except for those next to the covered picnic area and the toilets in the Gabriel Pavilion. There are toilets for wheelchair users at the North Ministers Wing on the right after the Main Gate. 

Public Transportation from Paris

The bus is the best option. The distance from Paris to Versailles is approximately 10 miles. Buses in Paris depart from the terminal at Pont de Sevres at regular intervals.  Usually, the bus to Versailles is the number 171. The trip between the two cities takes 30 minutes. A ride is one euro and lets you off a five-minute walk from the palace. This is simpler and less expensive than the train.  

RER train C5 provides the easiest and cheapest transportation to the Palace of Versailles from Paris. Paris RER operates a train from Versailles Chantiers to Gare Montparnasse every 10 minutes.Tickets cost €3 – €5 and the journey takes 25 min.  It is efficient and as easy as the bus. I just personally prefer the bus.

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