Access Barriers to Public Transportation in Denmark

I tried to use the bus for the first time. There is a manual ramp at the back door. I talked to the driver in English and asked him if he can let the ramp down for me but he never got off his driving seat. When I wanted to get off, some passengers went to the driver and talked to him (in Danish) that I needed the ramp but he did not say anything and refused to let the ramp down for me! Again, some people who were on the bus had to do it for me!

I took the bus again in Copenhagen. The bus driver was at first so helpful and supportive and put the ramp down twice for me, but then when I wanted to go back to where I live, the bus driver behaved in the same way as the first one who did NOTHING.

After I got on the bus with the help of some people, the bus driver came to me and said: It is not our responsibility as bus drivers to put the ramp down for you! You should have your own helper! I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across in Europe. I have travelled to so many countries in Europe and it was always the bus driver who would assist people with disability to get on the bus. Apparently, Denmark has its own rules which are pushing people with disability to have carers and helpers!

Later on, I found out that the driver is NOT allowed to leave the seat. So I have to rely on the assistance of locals if not being accompanied by friend or family. I also learned that the locals which are handicapped have a possibility to book minibuses with a big rear ramp that brings them door-to-door.This means that Denmark is not a country that is qualified for inclusive tourism. It can not be a country where disabled people can visit on their own.I live on my own and travel independently.

Why would I need someone else to put the ramp down for me in Copenhagen which is meant to be the capital of a developed country? Why can not Denmark be like other EU countries? Besides, why do not the locals use the public buses as well so the government can save energy and be environmentally friendly instead of booking private cars individually.

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