London’s Underground (The Tube) transportation system is the oldest railway in the world. The other public transportation systems available that service within Greater London are the London Overground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Tramlink, and London buses.

Maps show what stations are accessible or “step free” and some have assistance available at the station. Here is the map which describes each station’s features, including which ones are accessible and have restrooms for the Tube, London’s Overground, and DLR. For those people who have a permanent disability and are a resident of London, one can apply for a Freedom Pass, which basically allows you to ride transportation for free. However, some train lines and times have restrictions to this pass. To apply for the pass email If planning on riding the Tube while visiting London, it’s best to get your tickets in advance as open spaces easily become unavailable.

As of 2012, the Tube (London Underground) is not necessarily the best way to get around London if you use a wheelchair. For the most part, the central London sections were built in the Victorian/Edwardian era, so access is not perfect, there are often steps between the street level and the underground. Despite this, the Jubilee Line between Westminster and Stratford (for the Olympic Park) is step-free, and Green Park and Kings Cross have just become step-free after millions of pounds have been spent to improve them. Improvements to other key stations are in the works.

All London buses have a ramp and space for one wheelchair, but tickets must be purchased ahead of time as drivers do not accept payment. Furthermore, the one free space may be taken by strollers/prams/buggies and drivers don’t have the authority to make them move. Access at London’s bus stops may not always be perfect but please read this blog from Stephen – an insight from a wheelchair user visiting London. Stephen travelled north to south and west to east on London buses.

All London black taxis have a ramp to take wheelchair users. Transport for London has produced a range of guides to assist journey planning. Here you will find step free guides among other information. For more information on Step-Free access: see here

Map of accessible stations across UK: see here
Map of accessible stations in London: see here
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