Hotel Quirinale is located in a central location to most attraction in Rome, Italy. The Coliseum is about a 15-minute walk from the front door. The Hotel Quirinale is on a street that has lots of shops and places to eat at. The staff is very helpful and will get you any information you need for your ventures around Rome.

Entering the hotel it uses a revolving door, but the doorman (who is very attentive) will fold one door back to make more room for wheelchairs/scooters. Very nice to have that. When going to the dining hall or your room, you have to use a lift to go up a level to get to the elevators. The lift is very nice, it was made of glass and worked every time. When wanting to go to the dining hall you could walk in easy if it was dinner time but during breakfast hours they lock the doors that are used for access for wheelchairs and you have to wait and flag down a busboy to unlock the doors. I’m not sure why they do that but some things are the way they are.

Once you are ready to go up to your room there are two large elevators that take you up. They have 5 rooms that are handicap accessible. All with lots of room for different types of wheelchairs/scooters. To enter the room you had to touch the key card to a sensor on the wall and then push open the door. All the rooms had roll-in showers. You have to ask for a shower chair if you need one; they brought me a plastic lawn chair, which is the one NOT professional thing about this hotel. The bathrooms were large with plenty of space to move around.

The bedroom area was very spacious with lots of room around the bed. The bed height was average and the bed itself was pretty hard.  The closet space did not offer a lowered hanger bar. I was there during Christmas time and they had decorated the lobby and other areas, very pretty. I would stay here again because of the up-to-date and the location of this hotel. If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Rome, Italy Hotel Quirinale should be at the top of your list.

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